Latest Paul Pogba case: 8 revelations from the witchcraft saga rocking his family as his Mother reveals top secrets

After weird news about Paul Pogba broke this week, one of the most disturbing sports tales to emerge in recent decades is making headlines throughout the world.

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After his brother recorded a video promising “great revelations” about the Juventus player on Monday, the player issued a statement claiming that he is the target of “extortion” by a “organized gang.”

Mathias Pogba declared in a social media video that he will reveal “extremely crucial stuff” about his brother and other persons close to him.

“I believe the French, Italian, and English publics, my brother’s fans, and even more – the French national team, the Juventus team, my brother’s teammates, and his sponsors – deserve to know certain things in order to make an informed decision whether he deserves the public’s admiration, respect, and love,” Mathias Pogba said.

Since then, French officials have stated that Tuesday, the former Manchester United footballer, has given money to an organized gang that includes his brother.

But what’s the big deal? These are the most shocking disclosures from his family’s tale.

According to French officials, Pogba paid €100,000 ($100,000) to an organized organization that included his brother Mathias Pogba and was attempting to extort him for millions of euros. According to ESPN, he has already paid the money.

The organization has reportedly been extorting the celebrity, seeking €13 million from the World Cup champion and continually frightening him. They believe he has not supported them since achieving success as a footballer.

According to reports in the French media, Pogba told those investigating the case that the gang attempted to claim that the footballer summoned a witch doctor to curse Kylian Mbappe, which Pogba denies.

On Sunday, Mathias Pogba made his charges against Mbappe via Twitter: “Do you understand now, Kylian?” I have nothing against you; everything I’m saying is for your own good; everything is true and well-known, and the witch doctor is well-known!”

Noel Le Graet, the president of the French Football Federation, has officially backed Pogba. “At this point, these are simply rumors,” he stated in an interview with Radio Monte Carlo. “I adore Paul. “I hope this doesn’t jeopardize his [World Cup] spot on the French team,” he added, referring to the player who is currently sidelined with a knee injury.

According to ESPN, Pogba’s childhood friend stole €200,000 from the Juventus midfielder using a credit card.

According to BFM in France, Pogba made the payment in April after being intimidated in a Paris apartment in March. The individuals who threatened him were described as armed and disguised. After Mathias Pogba published videos promising “major disclosures regarding (his) brother Paul Pogba and his agent Rafaela Pimenta,” Paul Pogba issued a statement. “They are in addition to threats and extortion efforts by an organized gang against Paul Pogba,” the statement claimed. The competent authorities in Italy and France were notified a month ago, and no further remarks will be made about the ongoing inquiry.”

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