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UEFA president admits Real Madrid vs Chelsea UCL semi-final could be pushed back as punishment

UEFA president admits Real Madrid vs Chelsea UCL semi-final could be pushed back as punishment

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Los Blancos and the Blues were two of the founding members of the breakaway European Super League and could thus face repercussions.

In the world of soccer, it is reeling in the aftermath of the European Super League, with 12 of the continent’s biggest teams 

Some of the top football clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico, Man City, Man Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, Juventus, Inter Milan, and AC Milan – announcing on Sunday their plans to form a breakaway competition that would rival the UEFA Champions League.

Since then, everything has gone to hell, with supporters, pundits, and sports experts uniting to condemn the tournament. It was short-lived. Both six Premier League teams had pulled out of the tournament by Tuesday, with Atletico Madrid and the two Milan giants leaving early the next day.


The project is all but gone, according to Juventus chairman Andrea Agnelli, but that does not mean the founding clubs, dubbed the ‘Dirty Dozen,’ will go unpunished. The English Premier League is said to be considering disciplinary action against the top six players who competed, while UEFA could impose its own sanctions.

As a result, Aleksander Ceferin, the president of European football’s governing body, has admitted that the Champions League semifinal match between Chelsea and Real Madrid could be canceled next week. Though he added that the chances of this happening are slim, it’s enough to cause concern. According to the Daily Mail, the UEFA executive said to Slovenian TV channel 24UR:

‘The key is that this season has already begun, so if we don’t make it to the semi-finals, broadcasters can sue us for damages.’

‘As a result, there’s a slim chance that this match won’t be played next week. 


What about the other semifinal match between Man City and PSG, one of the original 12 clubs? One reason the match-up isn’t squarely in their crosshairs is that Ligue 1 giants took no part in this contentious initiative. Furthermore, though Chelsea has withdrawn from the ESL, Los Blancos have yet to withdraw from the competition and are committed to establishing this breakaway league.

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