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Was Xavi right to ask Barcelona to re-sign Messi

Barcelona has not been the same since Lionel Messi left them but Messi himself has not been exceptional since he left Spain. It is strange but true. Barcelona wWas Xavi right to ask Barcelona to download 19ManUtdFC-Blogon absolutely nothing last season and for Messi, he was so poor that he did not even make the shortlist of 30 players being considered for the Ballon d’Or. When one appreciates these facts then it is possible to understand why Xavi Hernandez is advising Barcelona to sign Messi again as the Sun has claimed in a recent report?

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Barcelona must accept that the Messi era has come and gone and they must move on. The Argentinian is not even as prolific as he once was even before leaving Camp Nou. The season before he left Barcelona, the team won neither the La Liga nor the Champions League so there is nothing to suggest that all will be rosy once Messi is in the mix. Xavi Hernandez must learn from Manchester United that brought Ronaldo back and got far worse than they were without him. Better still he should look at Real Madrid that quickly weathered the storm and moved on without Cristiano.

One is shocked that Xavi will even suggest such a move if indeed he did, how does a coach who has hinged his programme on rebuilding be looking for a man who is in the twilight of his career to build his team upon? At thirty-five years of age we can truly say Lionel Messi’s best years are behind him. His fans bare fangs at anyone who points out that fact but is it not true that Messi found the back of the net only 11 times last season? For a player that scores half a century of goals per time this is alarming. someone may argue that the problem is with PSG but did Kylian Mbappe not score 39 goals with 22 assists in the same team?

It is also important for Xavi to accept that financially, Barcelona is a solid mess as things stand and the last thing they need is to bring in a player that will drain the little resources they have now. Messi won’t come cheap. That said, will Messi be willing to literally reduce his current wage by 80 percent when he knows that his time is ticking away? Is there something that he will achieve in Barcelona that he will achieve now that he has not achieved with Barcelona before? Why seek for a quick but short-term relief when one can fix the problem permanently? Barcelona is already headed in the right direction but bringing in Messi will not add much to what they are already doing.

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