Roy Keane warned over impact Harry Maguire comments have on Manchester United captain

Roy Keane has been warned by Manchester United captain Harry Maguire about the implications of his statements.

The 29-year-old was booed by some England fans at Wembley against Ivory Coast after struggling for form at Old Trafford and elsewhere this season. Pre-game, and again when he took his first touch beneath the renowned arch, the defender was booed.

The matter has sparked outspoken support for the United skipper. Gareth Southgate, the England manager, and his players, including international captain Harry Kane, Declan Rice, Jack Grealish, and Jordan Henderson, have all openly defended him.

Keane, a pundit and former United captain, slammed Southgate for his reaction, later admitting that he felt “terrible” for Maguire. Since signing from Leicester, Keane has been a vocal and outspoken critic of Maguire, as well as other players.

According to Danny Mills, a former England defender, such criticism can encourage others to follow suit. He commented on the radio station talkSPORT: “Roy Keane has an incredible amount of clout. When Roy Keane says something, it’s gospel.

“When Roy Keane speaks, I believe we all sit up and pay attention. He carries a lot of weight in the game because of what he’s accomplished, what he’s done, and everything he’s gone through and accomplished.

“You must pay attention to him, but he can be rather violent at times. How many times have these individuals witnessed Harry Maguire’s 90-minute performance? Whatever happens, they’ll have seen bits and heard comments from Roy Keane.

“If Roy Keane says he’s had an absolute’shocker,’ it’s ‘disgraceful,’ and he’s had a’stinker,’ we all go ‘he’s done.’ That’s without even viewing the game and going over it.

“We pay attention because it’s Roy Keane, and he’s spoken, so we take his word for it without question. Perhaps we should refrain from doing so. Then there are memes, social media, trolls, and everything else, all of which impact public opinion.”

Clement Bright Ansah


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