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Sir Alex Ferguson deceived me to join but I was told to snub Manchester United and sign for Tottenham – I shouldn’t have listened, Joining Man United was my biggest mistake in live

In the summer of 1988, Sir Alex Ferguson, then in his early years as Manchester United manager, set his sights on the young and talented Paul Gascoigne.

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Gascoigne, showcasing his prowess against United during a game for Newcastle, had agreed to join the Red Devils, bringing joy to Ferguson.

However, a twist in the tale occurred while Ferguson was in Malta, as Gascoigne had a change of heart and opted for Tottenham instead.

Ferguson, eager to sign Gascoigne, had even spoken to him personally, outlining the vision of the United project. The deal seemed all but done, with Ferguson looking forward to a well-deserved holiday.

However, Gascoigne, during a drink with Tottenham’s Chris Waddle, decided to choose Manchester United over Spurs. Waddle’s attempt to persuade him failed, and Gascoigne headed to United.

The midfielder’s time at United had he stayed, could have been a defining chapter in his career.

However, Gascoigne’s decision to join Tottenham brought about a series of events, including an infamous negotiation with Tottenham chairman Irving Scholar, who offered various add-ons to secure the deal.

This prompted Gascoigne to steer away from Manchester and head to London.

Ferguson, disappointed and angered by Gascoigne’s change of heart, expressed his frustration in a letter, calling the midfielder a ‘silly boy.’

Gascoigne’s subsequent form at Tottenham and his impactful presence in the England squad at Italia ’90 showcased his talent.

However, a knee injury during the 1990/1991 FA Cup final affected his trajectory, and Gascoigne later regretted not staying at United.

Gascoigne, reflecting on his decision, admitted that it took him six years to get back in touch with Ferguson, asking for a chance to re-sign with United.

However, by then, the opportunity had passed, emphasizing that crossing Sir Alex Ferguson often led to no second chances.

Ferguson, in hindsight, acknowledged Gascoigne’s brilliance and expressed regret at not securing his signature.

The paths of these two football icons suggest that while Gascoigne wonders about what could have been at United, Ferguson recognizes the missed opportunity for a player who could have added further brilliance to the Red Devils’ success in the Premier League era.

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