Rio Ferdinand: Manchester United must take a leaf out of Liverpool’s book

Manchester United’s fortunes aren’t improving, as the Red Devils were held to a goalless draw in the Premier League on Saturday.

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Ralf Rangnick has failed to turn the team around, and Rio Ferdinand believes the club needs to find a new manager and give him time to apply his philosophy.

The former centre-back praised Liverpool’s decision to give Jurgen Klopp time and urged United’s management to do the same.

“The issue I have is that Ralf Rangnick has come in,” Ferdinand remarked on Vibe with Five. “But then you’ll have to adjust it again for someone else’s style of football.”

“It will then be another upheaval with a new style to introduce and players to grasp.

“United must, at the very least, write off the next year or two in terms of trophies.

“They need to say things like, “We’re going to rebuild what we have, get our recruitment correct, and there’s a certain style of play that we’re going to go with under this new manager, and he’ll have time to get it all right.”

“They must say, “We are going to stick with this individual for at least two years to figure things out,” and then watch the improvement and development.

“That’s how long it’ll take. You can’t win with that transition. It isn’t going to happen.

“It was not done by Liverpool. How long did Klopp take to win? You must learn from the mistakes of other teams.

“There are times when you have to humble yourself, take stock, and say, ‘In reality, that is where we are at.'”

Rangnick is in charge for the time being on an interim basis, with the German set to take over the boardroom at the end of the season. Manchester United is likely to have a new coach in place in time for the start of the 2022/23 season.

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