Top 10 Most Beautiful Stadiums in Africa 2022

Most Beautiful Stadiums in Africa- Africa is home to numerous beautiful venues, including Sports Stadiums, which host important athletic events such as football.

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A good stadium has many traits, one of which is unquestionably good design. Aside from guaranteeing that everyone in the stadium gets a wonderful view of the pitch from wherever they sit, the stadium’s aesthetic structure also influences how the stadium is perceived by the outside world.


The top ten most attractive stadiums in Africa will be highlighted in this article. Let’s test your stadium knowledge.


Africa’s Most Beautiful Stadium

Despite its age, Soccer City Stadium in South Africa is the most beautiful stadium in Africa. It is situated in South Africa’s Johannesburg South. We’ll learn more about the stadium’s design later in this essay.


Top 10 Most Beautiful African Stadiums

As we progress through this post. It is critical to remember that this post only features the most attractive stadiums in Africa, not the largest. As a result, the ranking will be based on aesthetic design rather than capacity or necessary facilities. That being stated, here is a list of Africa’s top ten most beautiful stadiums.


10. Royal Bafokeng Stadium- South Africa

9. Stade de Marrakech- Morocco

8. The Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium- South Africa

7. MKO Abiola Stadium- Nigeria

6. Akwa Ibom Stadium- Nigeria

5. Stade D’ Angondje- Gabon

4. Cape Town Stadium – South Africa

3. The Borg El Arab Stadium- Egypt

2. Moses Mabhida Stadium- South Africa

1. Soccer City Stadium- South Africa


10. Royal Bafokeng Stadium


South Africa is a country.

South Africa features many of the most beautiful stadiums in Africa, in addition to being one of the most beautiful countries in Africa. The Royal Bafokeng Stadium is located in Phokeng, near Rustenburg, South Africa.


The stadium opened in 1999 and served as the home stadium for Platinum Stars in the Premier Soccer League.


The Royal Bafokeng Stadium has a seating capacity of around 44,500 people. It is only one of the 37 stadiums in South Africa.


9. Stade de Marrakech


Morocco is a country.

Not every stadium in Africa is equipped to hold Olympic events. However, if there is one with that capability, it is Morocco’s Stade de Marrakech.


Aside from its outstandingly simple design, the stadium is located in one of the country’s most affluent neighborhoods.


The design is inspired by the architectural structure of one of Morocco’s most prominent cities, Marrakesh, which features high walls and towers. Gregotti Associate, one of the greatest in the business, built it. The Stade de Marrakech is ranked ninth among Africa’s most attractive stadiums.


8. The Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium


South Africa is a country.

The Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium opened in 2009 for football and rugby matches. It is well-known for hosting the 2010 FIFA World Cup, just one year after it was opened.


The stadium, which seats 42,486 people, is one of the most attractive stadiums in South Africa and the entire continent.


7. MKO Abiola Stadium


Nigeria is a country.

The MKO Abiola Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory.


The Nigerian National Football Team, as well as the Nigerian National Under-17 and Under-20 teams, play in the 60,000-seater stadium.


It was formerly known as the National Stadium, Abuja, and opened in 2003.


Here are some additional images of Africa’s sixth most beautiful stadium.


6. Akwa Ibom Stadium


Nigeria is a country.

If this list had been created ten years ago, the Akwa Ibom Stadium would not have made the cut.


The stadium, also known as the “Nest of Champions” or “Godswill Akpabio International Stadium,” debuted in 2014 and has since been utilized for a variety of social, cultural, and religious activities in addition to sporting events.


Since its inception, the 30,000-seat Akwa Ibom Stadium has pushed other stadiums in Nigeria and the African continent off the list of the most beautiful stadiums in the world.


The Nest of Champions has evolved into one of Africa’s most attractive stadiums, ranking among the top 50 in the world.


5. Stade D’ Angondje


Gabon is a country.

When it debuted in 2011, the Stade D’ Angondje made the list of Africa’s most attractive stadiums. It is currently Africa’s fifth most beautiful stadium and the West African country’s most magnificent.


The stadium’s interior aesthetics complement the exterior construction beautifully, earning the entire facility for inclusion on the list of Africa’s most beautiful stadiums.


The stadium has a capacity of 40, 000 people.


4. Cape Town Stadium


South Africa is a country.

The Cape Town Stadium is Africa’s fourth most beautiful stadium. It is a stadium for association football and rugby union that was built for the FIFA World Cup in 2010.


The stunning inside and external design of the stadium was created by architects such as Point and GMP.


3. The Borg El Arab Stadium


Egypt is a country.

The 86,000-person stadium is also known as the Egyptian Army Stadium. It was unveiled in 2005 at the Mediterranean seaside town of Borg el Arab.


Air conditioning is available throughout 25% of the stadium. This contains its salons, balcony, changing rooms for clothes, and media center. The stadium also includes an administrative building and an 80-person housing center for stadium employees.


The stadium’s stunning interiors are what place it third on the list of Africa’s most beautiful stadiums.


2. Moses Mabhida Stadium


The Moses Mabhida Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium named after Moses Mncane Mbheki Mabhida, a former South African Communist Party leader.


The 55,500-seater stadium is the second most attractive stadium in Africa, boasting stunning aesthetics and a meaningful design.


Because the Moses Mabhida stadium shares “the arch” with the Wembley stadium, the two stadiums can be confused for each other at first glance.


The stadium’s design represents South African unity. Gerhard le Roux developed the design.


1. Soccer City Stadium- Most Beautiful Stadium in South Africa


South Africa is a country.

Soccer City Stadium is Africa’s most beautiful stadium. It opened in 1989, and despite the fact that additional stadiums have opened since then, none have been able to match the stadium’s style.


The Calabash, a percussion instrument in African music, inspired the architecture of Soccer City Stadium. The highly regarded stadium hosted the 2010 World Cup finals.

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