BEST OF BESTS – All 20 PL stadiums ranked for atmosphere with mixed results for Man Utd, Liverpool and Arsenal

In a recent study conducted by The Athletic, the Premier League’s 20 stadiums have been meticulously ranked based on their atmosphere, shedding light on the electrifying fan experiences that England’s top-tier football has to offer.

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It’s no secret that the Premier League boasts some of the most passionate and vocal fans in the world of football.

These stadiums are home to some of the sport’s most iconic moments and unforgettable matches, with venues like Anfield, Old Trafford, and the Emirates Stadium etched into footballing history.

The rankings revealed that the Merseyside clubs, Liverpool and Everton, share the top spot for creating a thrilling atmosphere.

Meanwhile, Crystal Palace’s Selhurst Park secured a well-deserved third place, making it clear that the Premier League is teeming with vibrant fan engagement.

For decades, former players and managers have celebrated the extraordinary atmosphere within Anfield, hailing it as one of the most exhilarating in the world.

Legendary Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson once remarked, “Anfield. Electric. It’s a marvelous atmosphere. You have to expect that atmosphere even if you’re losing.”

Patrick Vieira, a former Arsenal player, echoed these sentiments, saying, “Liverpool for me is the best atmosphere that I’ve ever experienced in my life.

When they start singing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone,’ they make it really special for the players, creating a profound bond between fans and the team.”

Here’s the full list of the Premier League’s top atmospheres, as revealed by the study:

  1. Anfield – Liverpool
  2. Goodison Park – Everton
  3. Selhurst Park – Crystal Palace
  4. St. James’ Park – Newcastle United
  5. Old Trafford – Manchester United
  6. Villa Park – Aston Villa
  7. Bramall Lane – Sheffield United
  8. Kenilworth Road – Luton Town
  9. Tottenham Hotspur Stadium – Tottenham Hotspur
  10. Molineux – Wolverhampton Wanderers
  11. City Ground – Nottingham Forest
  12. Emirates Stadium – Arsenal
  13. Stamford Bridge – Chelsea
  14. Etihad Stadium – Manchester City
  15. Gtech Community Stadium – Brentford
  16. London Stadium – West Ham United
  17. Turf Moor – Burnley
  18. Craven Cottage – Fulham
  19. Amex Stadium – Brighton and Hove Albion
  20. Vitality Stadium – Bournemouth

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