Manchester United fans show their class with reaction to Solskjaer’s Old Trafford return

Manchester United fired Ole Gunnar Solskjaer more than four months ago. The Norwegian manager had survived 5-0 defeats to Liverpool and 2-0 defeats to Manchester City, but the 4-1 defeat to Watford proved the final nail in the coffin.


The United board, who had postponed firing Solskjaer over the international break, were fast to move after the disappointing outcome, and the manager was saying his goodbyes at Carrington within a few days. The manager even stopped to congratulate the fans and players in an interview with MUTV.


“I am a fan, and I wish the athletes the best,” he remarked. There are some really good players and people there. I’m sure we’ll see them puff their chests out and sprint away.


“As I told them this morning, trust yourself; you know we’re better than this.” We haven’t been able to demonstrate it, so go out, chest out, and enjoy being a Manchester United player in the Champions League, on the highest stage. If and when you win the game, you’ll go to the next round, and Michael [Carrick] will be in control. I have the utmost respect for Michael, and I adore him. I’m getting emotional now because he’s the best. They’ll be just fine. I’ll keep an eye on them and cheer them on.”


The interview concluded with Solskjaer being told that he was always welcome at Old Trafford, although he has not been seen there since he was ousted from the dugout. However, the stars seemed to align on Sunday.


Though he has not been spotted at men’s games, Solskjaer’s daughter, Karna, plays for the United women’s team, and he has frequently been seen cheering her on. And yesterday, the women’s squad played their debut game in front of fans at Old Trafford, and the Norwegians was there to witness their 3-1 victory.


Alex Nield, a United superfan, was able to take a photo with the former United manager outside of the stadium and post it on his Instagram. It was then widely shared on social media, and the responses to one post by United Journal, in particular, were heartwarming:

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