Fred confirms what Man Utd players think of Roy Keane and his views


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Roy Keane has never been shy about sharing his thoughts about Manchester United.

During his time as a commentator, the former Red Devils captain has been harsh in his assessment of current stars.

Fred, the midfielder, has frequently found himself in the firing line, and while Keane made a partial U-turn following his goal against Leeds at the weekend, it’s safe to say he’s never been a fan of the player.

But, in response to the criticism he has received from icons such as Keane, Fred has stated this week that he believes they are entitled to their opinions but does not agree with it.

TNT Sports quoted Fred as saying: “They had many moments of glory for United, and now they’re paid to express their ideas, so I’m fine with that.

“It’s their job, and they have the right to do it. I disagree, but that is their opinion.

“I’m not aggressive; I’ve heard a lot of nasty comments about myself, usually negative, but I’m not going to respond. My primary emphasis is on the pitch.”

Fred’s comments reinforce what his teammates have already stated: they do not value Keane’s criticism.

“As long as those two are playing in midfield for Manchester United, they will not be winning significant trophies,” Keane famously declared of Fred and Scott McTominay.

When asked about Keane’s previous statements, McTominay expressed similar feelings to Fred.

When asked about Keane’s comments last year, the Scotland international said, “What did he say?”

“I didn’t see it, but that’s irrelevant.” People converse. Everyone has the right to an opinion, which must be respected.

“But I’m not going to spit my dummy out and cry because Roy Keane says something.” If that’s what he believes, then that’s what he believes.

“It’s not a drama for me.” I’d be a fool to go home and worry about what other people think of me.”

When challenged with Keane’s statements, United players have expressed the same sentiments dating back to 2019.

Following a 1-1 tie with Chelsea, Paul Pogba told RMC Sport: “There’s no problem. They are compensated to make statements in front of the camera. I’m only concerned with what occurs on the pitch.

“They may say whatever they want because they’re paid to do so.” I’m not being paid to talk. I’m paid to stand on the field and fight for my team. That’s it.”

Fred’s latest remarks only confirm what has always been obvious: United’s stars want to distance themselves as far as possible from Keane’s candid views.

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