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Video – Paul Pogba’s imprisoned brother releases 30 videos in latest twist to extortion case

A police investigation into an alleged extortion attempt against Paul Pogba has taken a turn after his brother posted more than 30 recordings on Twitter.

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The police investigation into an alleged extortion attempt against Paul Pogba has taken an unexpected turn after his brother posted more than 30 videos on his social media account.


Mathias, who is still detained in France, shot the video some time ago, and it was uploaded by a ‘bot’ today.


The videos are accompanied by a series of tweets and a statement directed at Paul. The message began as follows: “My bot will have completed its automatic sending job if you are reading this message. It also means that I am no longer free, whether as a result of my brother’s henchmen or the police. So the defamatory allegations to silence me were successful.”


Mathias denies attempting to extort his brother and current Juventus player Paul. He turned himself in for interrogation last weekend and is still in police detention.


Former Manchester United midfielder Paul has claimed that he was the victim of a £11 million plan against him, in which he was used by some of his childhood pals as well as his brother.


The gang allegedly demanded £2.6 million in cash from Paul right away, but he only received £85k – the maximum amount he could withdraw from his account. Paul immediately went to his lawyers, and the story came to light.


Mathias Pogba’s lawyer, Yassine Bouzrou, confirmed his client’s innocence last week, telling French television BFMTV: “This decision will be challenged. My client has not committed a crime. We don’t understand why he’s being held, especially when he has an alibi for the night of the purported kidnapping.”


Pogba posted a video on Instagram in late August promising “big disclosures” regarding his brother Paul and his agent Rafaela Pimenta.


In response, Paul Pogba and his lawyers issued a statement saying, “They are in addition to threats and extortion attempts by an organized gang against Paul Pogba.” They further stated, “A month ago, responsible authorities in Italy and France were notified.”

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