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Paul Scholes’ furious “laziest players” rant and the three Man Utd stars who left club

The Manchester United icon didn’t mince words when dissecting the downfall of the Red Devils in the waning days of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s managerial tenure in late 2021.

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Paul Scholes, often regarded as a composed figure who rarely loses his temper, couldn’t contain his frustration with the contemporary Manchester United setup on certain occasions.

One of Scholes’ most impassioned outbursts occurred following Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s dismissal as United’s manager in November 2021. After the Red Devils suffered a demoralizing 4-1 defeat at the hands of Watford, prompting the club’s top brass to seek a change in leadership, Scholes unleashed his criticism, targeting both the players and the coaching staff working under the Norwegian.

The United legend did express some empathy for the midfield duo of Scott McTominay and Fred, who he believed had been left to shoulder the lion’s share of the workload due to the lackluster effort from their teammates.

“They’ve been in the spotlight during big games, but it’s been like they’re out there on their own with some of the laziest players in the world,” remarked the former England international in an interview with BT Sport.

His pointed critique didn’t end there. Scholes also questioned why, at that juncture, only Solskjaer had departed, while several influential figures who played key roles during his tenure were retained and entrusted with preparing the team for their first match without the former boss, which happened to be against Villarreal in the Champions League.

“As for the question of whether they’ll perform better tonight, well, it’s the same individuals running the show,” he added. “The same individuals handed significant responsibilities to field the team. It’s mainly Kieran McKenna and Michael Carrick who have been responsible for the preparations. Ole had entrusted them with these responsibilities. Why this dynamic is changing now, I can’t fathom. Four weeks ago, during the Liverpool game, that was when we knew. We knew Ole was going to depart. Subsequently, those in higher positions had to lay the groundwork for the new era, the new manager, and the new group of staff.”

Scholes continued his critique by expressing his belief that everyone involved with the coaching staff should have been held accountable after Ole’s departure. He felt that those entrusted with preparing the team on a weekly basis had let down the club and the players, just as much as Ole had.

Fast forward nearly two years, and Old Trafford has witnessed significant changes. Many of the individuals criticized by Scholes, both in terms of players and coaching staff, have departed. Three of the players who featured in the infamous Watford defeat have moved on—Cristiano Ronaldo, David de Gea, and Nemanja Matic.

In the coaching realm, Kieran McKenna and Michael Carrick have transitioned to managerial roles in the Championship, with Ipswich and Middlesbrough, respectively. Manchester United has undergone a transformation under the leadership of Erik ten Hag and his new supporting cast, putting them in a far more favorable position compared to those tumultuous times.

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