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Manchester United must axe Richard Arnold and John Murtough in major clearout, says pundit

Amid Manchester United’s struggles and a disappointing start to the season, there are calls for a comprehensive overhaul of the club, going beyond changing managers and players.

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Robbie Mustoe, a former Premier League midfielder, has voiced the need for radical changes at Old Trafford, particularly in anticipation of a potential takeover.

Mustoe highlighted that it’s crucial to replace Chief Executive Richard Arnold and Football Director John Murtough to initiate a transformative process.

Mustoe emphasized, “What this club needs is an absolute total stripdown, every part of that football club stripped down, ripped, and starting again.

Strip it down from the top: a new chief executive, a new director of football, and from that, you have a new recruiting department.”

While considering Erik ten Hag’s role as the main coach, Mustoe insisted that everything around him must change, including the club’s approach and decision-making processes.

He criticized the club’s recent transfer decisions, pointing out signings like Eriksen, Casemiro, and Varane, suggesting they were past their prime.

He stressed the importance of a fresh start, highlighting that a change in ownership is a prerequisite for such a comprehensive overhaul to take place.

The uncertainty surrounding Manchester United’s ownership has lingered for months, creating an atmosphere of instability.

Potential new owners may bring their own leadership team, including a chief executive and a football director, potentially leading to staff changes within the first year.

Mustoe’s proposed changes reflect a desire for a more proactive approach, with a focus on recruiting top talent and addressing long-standing issues within the club.

The handling of situations like the Mason Greenwood saga over the summer has raised questions about the current leadership.

Ultimately, for Manchester United to regain its former glory, significant and transformative changes may be necessary to rebuild the club from top to bottom.

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