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‘Start of the end’ as Manchester United star is being targeted by opponents, says pundit

Casemiro, the Brazilian midfielder for Manchester United, has faced criticism for a challenging start to the season that has raised concerns about his form.

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During the weekend match, Casemiro was substituted early by manager Erik ten Hag, who expressed his desire for “more football” by bringing on Christian Eriksen in his place, suggesting his dissatisfaction with Casemiro’s performance.

This decline in form has been a recurring issue, casting doubt on the credibility of Casemiro’s September Player of the Month award, which appeared to overshadow inconsistent performances due to his occasional goals.

Previously, comparisons had been drawn between Casemiro and Manchester United legend Roy Keane, notably by former teammate Paul Scholes.

However, this season’s performances have seen Casemiro fall far from that lofty comparison.

Former footballer Tony Cascarino drew a parallel between Casemiro and Bastian Schweinsteiger, a player who joined Manchester United after his prime.

He remarked, “It sounds crazy to say about someone with a contract to 2026, but this feels like the start of the end for Casemiro as a first-choice player.”

Cascarino further highlighted that opponents have identified Casemiro’s diminished speed and have been exploiting it by encouraging their midfielders to bypass him, confident that he can no longer cover the pitch quickly.

This assessment has been echoed by opposing managers in recent defeats against Manchester United, such as Roy Hodgson of Crystal Palace and Ozan Buruk of Galatasaray.

Erik ten Hag now faces the challenge of resolving this issue and demonstrating that Casemiro’s recent struggles are merely a temporary setback rather than the beginning of the end of his effectiveness as a key player.

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