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‘I don’t like ManUtd fans’ – EPL striker says he dislikes Arsenal and ManUtd supporters, due to these 5-reasons

Michail Antonio has made it obvious how he feels about the Man United and Arsenal fanbase.


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The West Ham player was speaking on the Footballer’s Football Podcast about this season’s title fight, and he admits that while he wants Arsenal to win the league, he doesn’t like their fans.

Antonio claims that Arsenal supporters, including members of his own family and his agency, frustrate him and that they put themselves on a high horse despite the club’s lack of success in recent years.

Antonio despises Arsenal supporters.
The West Ham star was candid about the Arsenal crowd.

“I’d like Arsenal to win.” But, to be honest, I despise Arsenal supporters! I’ll be honest: I don’t like them. I dislike Arsenal supporters. I have family, an agent, and nephews. They are vexing! And they’ve always been vexing! Arsenal Television! “Irritating,” Antonio replied.

“They are the worst [to joke with].” They haven’t won the Premier League in years, but it feels like they just did!”

Every team has one.
Antonio claims that he dislikes Arsenal fans, but that is a broad statement.

Yes, some Arsenal supporters can be a little too large for their boots at times, given the club’s recent success.

However, every fanbase, particularly those in the top six, experiences this.

There isn’t a single fanbase where every supporter is level-headed, and while Arsenal fans may be a little more vocal this season because their team is doing so well, every single club has this subsection of fans who like to wind other teams up and are a little delusory about how good or bad their own team actually is.


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