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I’m going to break down the process of joining Manchester United Academy from Nigeria and present it as simply as possible.


Manchester United’s football academy recruits new players using sophisticated football development methods.


Club trials for the U9, U11, U12, U14, U15, U16, U20 and U23 age groups have begun for 2021.


According to news provided on the Manchester United website, there is also a newly commissioned Manchester United Emerging Talent Program.


The new program is stated to be designed to develop the next generation of world-class athletes.


You might be one of the lucky ones as a rising Nigerian talent! Keep an eye out for further information on the program.


How To Join Manchester United Academy From Nigeria


How to Obtain a Trial at Machester United Academy

The Manchester United Academy Registration is the sole way to access the club’s listings.

Here are some of the prerequisites for participation:

  • Interpersonal abilities
  • attributes of leadership
  • Discipline in both thinking and
  • learning Speed
  • Good sportsmanship
  • Excellent financial situation


Man United Academy Tiers

  • Man United U9
  • Man United U11
  • Man United U13
  • Man United U14


How To Pass Manchester United Academy Trials 2022


The Manchester United Academy Trials have been one of the most effective means for the club to recruit the top footballing talents on the planet.

It has been successful in signing footballers who have gone on to become world-class players today.

This program is designed to provide disadvantaged recruits a helping hand and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to wear the Manchester United shirt.

Talents who are unable to pay the required academy fees are now awarded a provisional scholarship by the club’s sponsors.


The following are the measures to take in order to pass the Manchester United Academy Trials:

  • Participate in summer camps.
  • Participate in open football competitions in your area.
  • Take notes on your abilities.
  • Include decent sportsmanship.
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm and desire in all you do to impress scouts and the coaching staff.


Click Here to reach out to the Manchester United Academy for inquiries about the 2022 trials.


Manchester United Emerging Talent ProgrammeManUtdFC-Blog

Manchester United Emerging Talent Programme


This program connects the club’s academy environments to a global pool of hot prospects.

The program has already identified over 50 schools where club scouts have focused their efforts.

There will be open trials all across the world, including Nigeria.

It is a solid platform for discovering and recruiting talents for further testing and training at the main academy.

They use the greatest training methods for any age group, and recruits are given the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities.

Manchester United’s Emerging Talent Program aims to produce over 20,000 footballers in the future years.

Jen Mildenhall, the club’s program manager, announced this earlier this year in a press post.

The following are the additional requirements:



  • Football is my passion.
  • Statistics and records from previous teams (if there are any).
  • Consent of parents or guardians (for those below 18).
  • All footballing demographics from across the world are welcome.


Phases of Emerging Talent

Let’s take a look at the program’s primary phases. There are three major areas of emphasis;


  • PHASE ONE: School Activity

This means participating in a competition offered by the Emerging Talent Program for interested applicants.

It could also be a football tournament or festival in which children are tightly partnered with their age groups from the academy.

The “Foundation Phase” refers to the U9 and U11 age groups, while the “Youth Development Phase” refers to the U12 and U14 age groups.


  • PHASE TWO: Grassroots Clubs and Coaches

For recruiting prospects through trials, mini-tournaments, and football festivals, a collaboration between the club and other stakeholders in the footballing sector is critical.

This phase guarantees that applicants are well-prepared for the main phase, with over 500 coaches already hired for the project.


  • PHASE THREE: Emerging Talent Centre

This is the primary phase of the Emerging Talent Program, in which potential individuals who have passed the first two stages’ trials will be invited to the AON Training Ground in Manchester for the major event.

Drills, fitness development, and technical and tactical knowledge of the game will be used to assess talent for up to 44 weeks.

Manchester United’s Elite Academy Program will also be involved in improving the all-around game of the players, particularly those between the ages of nine and fourteen.

The top performers in the Emerging Talent Program will now be considered for admission to the academies.


How To Apply For Manchester United Academy From Nigeria


Nigerian hopefuls can apply to the Manchester United Academy website, just like any other club, to gain entrance to the Emerging Talent Program.

The application procedures are fully described for all nationalities, including Nigeria.

So that’s how Nigerians may join the Manchester United Academy.


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