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Erik ten Hag sends message to Cristiano Ronaldo ahead of Manchester United return after World Cup

Cristiano Ronaldo will not play for Manchester United against Chelsea because to his violation at the end of the Tottenham game.

Erik ten Hag says Cristiano Ronaldo must be prepared to be “judged” after Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho disciplined him at the end of the Tottenham game.

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Ronaldo has been left out of the team for Saturday’s Premier League match against Chelsea after refusing to play in the 2-0 home win over Tottenham on Wednesday night and walking down the tunnel in the 90th minute. The 37-year-old came to United’s Carrington complex for training at 8.30 a.m. on Friday morning, along with Under-21 players, but worked separately with fitness experts.

Ronaldo is set to return to first-team training on Monday, but Ten Hag indicated he will chat with the forward regarding his preparations for FC Sheriff’s visit on Thursday.

Ten Hag had not spoken with Ronaldo at the time of his press appearance on Friday morning, but he stated he would welcome the opportunity to speak with him. Ten Hag could not explain why Ronaldo declined to play against Tottenham, but he did emphasize that, while Ronaldo is rightfully revered by United fans, he must be judged on his present form.

“I believe it is justified because he has accomplished so much in his career.” “Ten Hag spoke about Ronaldo’s love. “I won’t go into detail. It’s really great.

“However, he must be conscious that you are judged by the situation and how you act today. It is all about today, especially in top athletics, not about seniority or reputation.

“When you play top sports, you are judged by the instant in which you act. That is typical. We must be conscious of it. Everyone, not only Cristiano, needs to be aware of it. As a squad, as a manager, and as a club, we must be conscious of it.

“It’s obvious that leaving him out was a difficult decision.” But there must be repercussions for bad behavior, and when it is the second time, you cannot let it go because otherwise, the future would be cloudy and miserable. You must take this precaution. What I don’t like is that I like the squad with Cristiano.

“Man United has very high hopes. The goals are really lofty. Our followers, all of our stakeholders, demand results, so you must act according to specific standards and work on them every day.

“Cristiano is not in the squad, but he is practicing to be healthy for the next game after Chelsea (FC Sheriff).”

When asked if Ronaldo would resume first-team training on Monday, Ten Hag replied: “We’ll start by talking. Will it last any longer? No, I don’t think so. That is not my intention. I stated I didn’t want to miss him. I want him to be on the team and active in every game because he makes a difference.”

Ronaldo said on Wednesday night on Instagram that “sometimes the emotion of the moment gets the best of us,” but he did not apologize for his unwillingness to play.

Ten Hag’s disciplining of Ronaldo has been supported by United, whereas under former executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward, players were empowered while Jose Mourinho was undermined. Several players afterward described Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as “a delicate touch” throughout his reign.

“I don’t look back in time.” Today is the day, “Ten Hag elaborated. “So, when I was appointed, I discussed the culture, top sport culture, and standards with the directors, and that is why they appointed me.

“They performed some background research and we talked about how I lead, what my personality is and how I do it strategically, as well as my standards and leadership. That’s what it’s all about.

“To create a great sports culture and set the highest standards, we must first live them. That is what we are doing right now. It is not something that can be built in a few weeks. It takes some time.

“But I believe you can see it in our games, therefore I was quite pleased with our performance on Wednesday. We’re putting up high standards on the pitch, and it reflects what we’re building.”

“It’s not about [showing who’s in charge]. It is all about the club. It is my responsibility to make judgments in the best interests of the club and the team in particular. It makes no difference who it is, their age, or their reputation. In addition, I must select the club that I believe has the best probability of winning.

“He (Ronaldo) has to live as anyone else, according to certain norms, such as the ones we set this season.” We have certain expectations. That applies to all players.”

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