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BREAKING News – Man United star Greenwood set new club record at Getafe

Mason Greenwood’s jersey has become the all-time best-selling shirt in Getafe’s history.

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The 21-year-old player has faced a series of internal and external challenges related to allegations of sexual assault and other misconduct.

Following accusations of assaulting his girlfriend, Greenwood was loaned to Getafe by Manchester United during the summer transfer window in 2023.

In just 48 hours after his arrival, Greenwood’s shirt became the top-selling jersey, with fans from around the world expressing their unwavering support for him.

Furthermore, Greenwood’s presence has had a significant impact on social media. Getafe’s Twitter following has grown to 40,000 people, and this number is expected to continue rising in the near future.

In less than a week since joining Getafe, Greenwood has generated unprecedented excitement. On August 6, over 5,000 fans gathered at the Coliseum Alfonso to witness the unveiling of three new signings, including Greenwood.

Journalist Guillermo Rai, writing for The Athletic, has shared intriguing insights into Greenwood’s life in Spain.

According to Rai, the 21-year-old striker has ignited tremendous enthusiasm among Getafe’s fan community, as the club rarely welcomes such a high-profile player.

Rai remarked, “Getafe’s leadership and coaching staff believe that Greenwood still needs time to regain his fitness and settle into life in Madrid, but they do not rule out the possibility that he could become the best player the club has ever had.”

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