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RIP – ‘Let’s be honest with the kids, he’s gone to heaven’ – Ronaldo reveals anguish over the death of newborn twin Angel

Cristiano Ronaldo described his newborn son's death in April as "the most difficult time" of his life.

After strongly criticizing Manchester United in earlier segments, the 37-year-old spoke about more personal situations in his recent TalkTV interview with Piers Morgan.

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Ronaldo’s girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez had twins earlier this year, but while Bella survived, Angel died sadly.

And the Portuguese stated he has no idea why this happened to his family.

“Probably the toughest moments that I passed through my life, since my father died when you have a baby that you want everything to be normal, and you have that problem, it’s… it’s hard, you know, as a human being,” Ronaldo stated on Piers Morgan Uncensored.




“Georgina, we had some rough times since we don’t know why this occurred to us.” To be honest, it was difficult to understand what was going on during that period of our lives.

“As you know, football is a fast-paced sport with numerous competitions. We had a lot of tournaments. And that was perhaps the most challenging experience I’ve ever had. That was difficult for me and my family, especially Gio.”

“It’s crazy,” Ronaldo continued. I tried to explain to my family and even close friends at times. I’ve never felt both happy and sad at the same time. It never occurred to me. It’s difficult to put into words.

“It’s really difficult. You’re not sure whether you should cry or smile. Because it’s something… you’re not sure how to react to. To be honest, you don’t know what to do.”

The former Real Madrid star said that his other children questioned why they only brought one baby home from the hospital.

“The other ones, around the table, the kids start to inquire, ‘Mom, where is the other baby?’ After a week, I said, ‘Let’s be upfront and honest with the kids, let’s tell that, Angel – which is his name – he’s gone to paradise.’

“We had yells around the table, and they said, ‘Daddy, I did this for Angel,’ and they pointed to the sky.” Which I prefer since he is a part of their life. I will not lie to my children; I will tell them the truth, which was a painful process.”

Ronaldo has already been harshly critical of United in a series of excerpts published ahead of the complete interview, which will be broadcast on Wednesday and Thursday.

In an emotional rant, Ronaldo claimed United was attempting to drive him out and slammed manager Erik ten Hag, while also claiming the Glazer family was uninterested in the team.

He also slammed Wayne Rooney and Gary Neville for speaking out against him, implying that Rooney was jealous of him since his career was still active.

Ronaldo’s remarks are said to have “bemused” Rooney.

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