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‘It’s terrible’: TalkSPORT pundit angry after hearing what Spurs’ players have done ahead of Man United clash

After hearing what Tottenham's players did following Newcastle's defeat, a TalkSPORT analyst was enraged.

Jason Cundy, a TalkSPORT analyst, was enraged after learning that Tottenham Hotspur’s players had reimbursed fans following their dismal defeat against Newcastle United.

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Spurs were hammered 6-1 at St James’ Park on Sunday, prompting Cristian Stellini’s departure.

Following the outcome on Monday evening, the interim head coach was fired, putting Ryan Mason in control until the end of the season.

Tottenham’s players have responded to the setback by reimbursing the ticket costs of fans who traveled to the North East.

While many would have considered this as a positive gesture from the Tottenham team, Jason Cundy was enraged by the reaction.

Cundy is enraged when Tottenham players compensate fans.
Cundy described the move to reimburse fans as ‘pathetic’ on TalkSPORT.

“Do you know what?” he asked. When I saw that, I thought to myself, “What a pathetic and weak football club to hand back, so what is it travel and tickets?”

“Tickets,” Jamie O’Hara said.

“Whatever it is, it’s pathetic,” Cundy continued. “Do you know what I mean? You should never, ever return ticket prices.

“As a football club, you shouldn’t do that because you don’t know what you’re going to watch as a football fan.”

“You can travel as far as you want, across countries and continents to see your club play; you never know what you’re going to get, and that’s the beauty of being a football fan.”

However, O’Hara disagreed with Cundy and thought it was a ‘nice gesture’ from the Tottenham players following a poor performance on Sunday.

”No, no. As a fan, you can accept bad performances, but you can’t accept what happened on Sunday,” the former Spurs player stated.

“Those were players who went out there with no mentality, passion, or desire for the football club.” They wanted the management fired and didn’t want to remain there.

“That is unacceptable for the fans who have traveled up there and have no idea what’s going on behind the scenes or how the mood is in the dressing room.”

“The players were unwilling to play. The players didn’t want to be out there, and it showed in their performance, as well as Stellini’s departure the next day.

“In that sense, that’s why you compensate the fans.” It’s a lovely gesture, a good gesture.”

Cundy, on the other hand, stood firm and declared, “It’s terrible!”

“It doesn’t bring back the fact that they got pumped 6-1,” O’Hara remarked. “Awesome performance. But what it actually does is say, “Do you know what?” We understand that wasn’t acceptable, that wasn’t a performance to be proud of, and we’re going to make amends.”

It’s tough to understand why Cundy is so upset that Tottenham players decided to reimburse their away fans after such a poor performance.

Some St James’ Park supporters were seen leaving the stadium after their team conceded five goals in 21 minutes.


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