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Eric Cantona vows to stop supporting Man United if they do what Arsenal have done ahead of Man City Match

Manchester United star Eric Cantona has said he will stop supporting the club if Old Trafford is renamed after a sponsor, as Arsenal has done.


The Gunners moved from Highbury to a new facility nearby in 2006, and their new home was promptly christened the Emirates Stadium, with the airline also becoming the north London giants’ jersey sponsor.

Arsenal is far from the only team to do so, but Cantona believes they have sold their soul, and he hopes Man United do not do the same or he will stop supporting them.

The opinionated Frenchman is always intriguing to listen to, and it appears he has some pretty strong opinions on these issues, stating that he wants Old Trafford stays old.

“We were talking about my favorite football stadiums previously, but now they’re all branded Emirates or Allianz,” Cantona explained to The Athletic.

“These venues, like Arsenal and West Ham, have lost the soul and tradition of the team.” I used to play at old venues like Highbury and Upton Park.

“I talked to some Arsenal fans, and they despise these (new) stadiums.” These fans were robbed of their clubs’ souls.

“Thank goodness, Old Trafford is still Old Trafford. Anfield remains Anfield.

“However, can you envisage Old Trafford becoming a new stadium with a brand name?” If they do that one day, I’m sorry, but I’m no longer a United supporter. And I never played football again!

“However, please don’t call this stadium Nestle or Amazon.” Old Trafford will always be Old Trafford.”

Cantona has discussed boycotting the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, stating he intends to travel rather than pay attention to the competition, which begins in November.

“It’s all about money, and the way they handled the people who built the stadiums is disgusting,” Cantona remarked.

“Thousands of people died as a result.” Nonetheless, we shall celebrate the World Cup.

“I’m not going to watch it.” Football is, after all, a business. But I believed that was the only location where everyone had a shot.”

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