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BURMUN: First UEFA Decision – UEFA president finally release first statement on Burnley vs Man United VAR mistakes as He apologies to Man Utd fans

Manchester United Fans Decry VAR's Inconsistency Following Jonny Evans' Denied Goal

Manchester United supporters are voicing their frustration over the perceived lack of consistency in VAR decisions, particularly in light of Jonny Evans’ disallowed goal against Burnley.

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The defender, making his first start for United since 2015, headed the ball into the net in the 25th minute, igniting hopes of a fairy-tale return goal. However, video replays revealed that Rasmus Hojlund had obstructed Burnley’s goalkeeper, James Trafford.

Reds fans have drawn parallels between this incident and the controversial goal permitted by VAR when Nathan Ake headed home for Manchester City against Fulham earlier in the month. Despite standing in line with the ball, Manuel Akanji was considered not to obstruct Fulham goalkeeper Bernd Leno’s line of sight.

The Fulham players were irate about the decision to allow the goal, with even Erling Haaland post-match admitting that he believed the decision was incorrect, and he would have been ‘fuming.’

PGMOL head Howard Webb later acknowledged that the officials had erred in their judgment on that occasion. United supporters are now aggrieved that VAR seems to lack consistency, with Evans’ disallowed header further fueling their frustrations. Many took to social media to express their views and drew comparisons with Ake’s goal against Fulham.

@TrevorEvans77: The inconsistency regarding VAR is baffling. It seems that if you wear light blue, it’s acceptable, but for everyone else, it’s a resounding no.

@thestretford3nd: How can that be considered offside when Hojlund clearly takes no action towards the ball after Evans heads it, and the goalkeeper displaced Hojlund without any intention of saving the ball? Not a single Burnley player appealed for offside. VAR IS A SHAMBLES!

@Alisdair_0204: This is an absolute travesty. Evans was in such close proximity to the goal, and the goalkeeper had an unobstructed view of everything.

@DeepRedDevil2: Jonny Evans’ goal was disallowed by VAR, extinguishing United’s jubilation. Nothing seems to be going our way during these challenging times.

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