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Barcelona captain Sergio Busquets hits out at the club

Barca is attempting to balance its budget and will once again ask its players to take wage cuts, and while Basquets is not opposed to the idea, he expressed disappointment that he had not heard the same from the club’s administrators.

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“I’ve heard a lot of things, and I’m not sure what they’ll tell me when I get back from vacation,” the midfielder stated in a press conference while on duty with the Spanish national team.

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“I’d prefer that they inform me instead of finding out through someone else, but I’m always happy to assist. They haven’t made any proposals to us, and they haven’t informed us anything other than what we’ve heard from you (the press). It is always preferable to go direct and face to face rather than going through the press.”

Barcelona is in the market for new players and has been connected with a move for Robert Lewandowski, despite the fact that they would have to sell some of their highest-paid players to fund such a transfer.

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