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Wayne Rooney admits “wanting to boot” Man Utd legend’s son to make a name for himself

Wayne Rooney was known for his violent temper as a child and has acknowledged to pursuing Alex Bruce, Steve's son, in order to make a name for himself.

Wayne Rooney has admitted to deliberately targeting Alex Bruce, Steve Bruce’s son, in order to build a name for himself.

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Manchester United’s all-time leading scorer has never shied away from a brawl, and he first met Bruce when the latter was on loan at Oldham Athletic. It did not result in bad blood between the two, and they maintain a healthy friendship.

But as they crossed the white line, Rooney was convinced that pursuing him would get people talking, and the two battled on multiple occasions.

“I remember playing against Alex Bruce when I was younger and purposefully wanting to boot him because of his father,” the Evertonian told The Times (Steve).

“It’s a means to establish oneself.” And I did – I kicked him and once butted him. My pal Alex and I are good friends, but we had a lot of run-ins on the pitch… purely because of Steve.”

Rooney undoubtedly earned a reputation for himself during his career, earning numerous awards and retiring as England’s and United’s record goalscorer. The 36-year-old, often regarded as the best English footballer of his time, has now moved into management.

He began as a player-coach with Derby County, but he was unable to keep them in the Championship after being promoted to the top post. Rooney grappled with a slew of financial and off-the-field concerns before stepping down.

He is now the manager of DC United, the MLS team where he played in his last years. Rooney has lost six of his eleven games as he attempts to rebuild the squad, but he has backed himself to travel abroad, which he believes not enough young managers are willing to do.

“I’m rebuilding a club, rebuilding a squad, and a significant draw is working with different nationalities, not just of players, but of staff,” he said. My objective is to one day manage at the top, and that (an international environment) is what top teams provide. I looked around and thought it was a fantastic opportunity.

“It’s an opportunity for me to step outside of my comfort zone and grow as a coach.” I could have sat at home and waited — managers are usually fired around this time, and opportunities open up — but I believe England has the best league in the world, as well as a wonderful structure beneath it, and we’re a bit obstinate. Few managers take the risk and push themselves by traveling abroad. Too many people simply wait to see what happens in England.”

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