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(Video) ‘Shocking’: Denmark national media claim one Man Utd star did something outrageous last night

Rasmus Hojlund Speaks Out Against Dangerous Tackles by San Marino Players

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Manchester United’s Rasmus Hojlund expressed his frustration and concerns over deliberate dangerous tackles by San Marino players during a European qualifier, alleging that they were attempting to “destroy his career.”

Hojlund, who scored the opening goal in Denmark’s 2-1 win over San Marino, found himself the target of aggressive tackles by the opposition’s defenders. The most egregious tackle occurred in the 88th minute when Roberto Di Maio kneed Hojlund from behind without making any effort to play the ball.

Hojlund, speaking to TV2 after the match, described the challenges as “laughable” and insisted that the last duel warranted a straight red card. He felt the tackles were far from legitimate football plays.

He also expressed his dissatisfaction with the opponents’ confrontational response to his goal celebration, which offended Alessandro Tosi and Filippo Fabri, leading to a heated exchange. Hojlund stated, “I think it is disrespectful that they hit and tear.”

Denmark’s captain, Simon Kjaer, joined Hojlund in condemning the dangerous challenges. He compared Di Maio’s tackle to a notorious incident during the 2014 World Cup when Neymar was injured after a similar knee-to-the-back tackle.

Kjaer claimed to have overheard San Marino players discussing targeting Hojlund with ill intentions. He emphasized the danger and deliberateness of such actions, advocating for stricter enforcement and player safety.

Rasmus Hojlund will now shift his focus to club football and prepare for Manchester United’s upcoming Premier League match against Sheffield United.

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