Top 15 University Scholarships in EUROPE Without IELTS in 2022

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A large number of fully-funded Scholarships in European Regions are now accepting online applications for the class of 2022-2023 under various degree program options.

Why should you study in Europe?


44 nations are represented. Europe is your ideal educational destination. It not only provides amazing European scholarship programs such as Erasmus Mundus, but it also carries with it a plethora of perks and benefits.


Due to the near proximity of several European states, studying in European countries allows students with diverse travel interests to enjoy their trip tours. The cultural variety that the continent provides is often regarded as an advantage. It frequently teaches students to adjust to and settle into new situations and people in their future lives and careers.


1. UK Scholarships Without IELTS

England is one of the most recognized educational states in the world, with a diverse range of top-ranked universities. These UK institutions provide British scholarships for undergraduate, postgraduate, Ph.D., and a variety of other courses. Gates Cambridge, Clarendon, Chevening, and Commonwealth Scholarships are among the finest scholarship programs in the United Kingdom.


2. Germany Scholarships Without IELTS


Germany features some of the world’s best educational institutions as well as a beautiful city. The following are some of the top German colleges that accept applications and grant German scholarships regardless of IELTS:

  • Free Berlin University
  • Frankfurt Applied Sciences University
  • Kassel University

International students can apply for the University of Kiel German Scholarships without taking IELTS if they can produce sufficient proof of their command of the English language. TOEFL, PTE, DET, CAEL, Cambridge exams, CanTest, and other IELTS alternatives are commonly recognized at German universities.


3. Russian Scholarships Without IELTS

Russia is another nation that places a high value on Russian-scholarship-based education in a variety of courses and disciplines. Russia’s leading institutions include:

  • National Research University
  • Saint-Petersburg State University
  • Moscow State Institute of International Relations University
  • Moscow Engineering-Physics University
  • (among many others)


4. French Scholarships Without IELTS

France is a well-supported country in terms of foreign student intake, owing to its renown, theatre, aesthetics, and history. It is a fantastic spot to spend your academic years, with Paris at its core. The following are some of France’s best universities:

  • EBS Paris
  • American Business School
  • Toulouse Business School
  • ESAIP School of Engineers


5. Italian Scholarships Without IELTS

It is well-known for its delicious food. Italy is a country associated with wealth and affluence. It has some of the world’s top tourist sites, such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Scholarship programs ranging from 5k to 12k EUROS/year are available at Bologna University, Bocconi University, and the University of Padova.

The Italian Scholarship programs are focused on undergraduate, postgraduate, Ph.D., Masters’, and other projects aspiring to the spotlight.


6. Spanish Scholarships Without IELTS

The Spaniards are a well-educated country well-known for their passion for football. Every year, the Ministry of Education launches new and large scholarship projects to welcome international students into the Spanish educational system. The University of Granada, the European University of the Atlantic, and other universities provide substantial scholarship assistance, including tuition price exemptions of up to 100 percent.


7. Polish Scholarships Without IELTS

Poland, on the other hand, is a less-publicized country that discovers beauty in its own unique manner. It offers a fantastic range, from a gorgeous coastline to a fantastic topography with spectacular vistas of snowy mountains and hills. So, if you’re a nature lover, you won’t turn down an admission letter from any of these great universities:

  • Warsaw University of Technology
  • University of Warsaw
  • Adam Mickiewicz University
  • AGH University of Science and Technology


8. Netherland’s Scholarships Without IELTS

Its beauty practically overshadows the rest of the country, compromising the country’s raw beauty with windmills, cheese markets, and rich tradition. The Dutch government has launched a scholarship program worth 5,000 euros. The Netherlands is not regarded as an ideal location, but the high level of education and cheap living costs make it a viable alternative.

The University of Amsterdam and Leiden University are two of the country’s leading educational institutions, both of which are committed to sustaining and improving educational quality.


9. Belgian Scholarships Without IELTS

Belgium, located in Western Europe, is well-known for its love of sweets in the form of chocolates and waffles. Brussels is the country’s most famous city, steeped in antiquity and full of class and beauty.

There are a variety of scholarship programs in place in the nation with the goal of embracing foreign students into the Belgian system and economy, with the following being some of the main schemes:


  • Top-Up Grants for Developing Countries at Ghent University

For Masters’s students, this program gives a monthly payment of 1000 euros to international students to assist with their financial situation.


  • ARES Scholarships

This program assists 150 international students in completing their Master’s degrees, as well as 70 students in completing training courses. The scholarship pays for accommodation, tuition, insurance, travel expenses, and monthly allowances for general needs.

The University of Ghent and the University of Brussels are two of the country’s major universities.


10. Swiss Scholarships Without IELTS

Switzerland is well-known for its stunning scenery, which includes high peaks and rivers that run through it. Switzerland’s leading universities include:

  • Basel University
  • Geneva University
  • Fribourg University

The majority of Swiss scholarship programs are started in the nation to strengthen relations with other countries. Scholarships are primarily centered on research, with the goal of enhancing and establishing a trend in research and practical-based studies.


11. Norwegian Scholarships Without IELTS

Norway is well-known for its gorgeous scenery, which includes beautiful lakes, glaciers, and mountains. Norway has changed its emphasis to broadening its educational horizons, with the introduction of new scholarship projects. To make life simpler for students, standards have been reduced, with many colleges no longer requiring IELTS. Among their major scholarship programs are:

  • Erasmus+ Grant

Tuition, housing allowances, laboratory, and examination expenses are all covered by the program.

  • Free Master’s Degree from the University of Bergen

The University of Bergen is offering free Master’s degrees to overseas students, which is a commendable move.


12. Hungarian Scholarships Without IELTS

Hungary is a landlocked country with ancient and excellent architecture, with Budapest as its capital. The Hungarian government and universities provide a variety of Hungarian scholarships that do not need IELTS. The following are some of the programs:

  • Scholarship Program of the Hungarian Government

This is a government effort in the form of a stipend, with 5,000 prizes given out each year under this umbrella.

  • Scholarships for Central European Universities

One of Hungary’s best institutions provides scholarship programs to overseas students in order to waive their tuition payments. This curriculum includes Master’s, Doctorate, and Bachelor’s degrees.


13. Romanian Scholarships Without IELTS

Romania features a variety of high-quality educational institutions and scholarship programs. Romania’s best universities include:

  • Bucharest University
  • Galati University
  • Ovidius University
  • University of Petrosani

Some of the most prestigious scholarship programs are:


  • Romania Government Scholarships

It is a government-funded program that pays all tuition fees. It is open to people from all around the world and needs academic brilliance and achievement.

  • Scholarship Programs at CEEPUS

This program, in conjunction with the University of Bucharest and the University of Politehnica Bucharest, allows students to pursue studies at these institutions.


14. Swedish Scholarships Without IELTS

A country of variety, with mountains, lakes, and islands, is a fantastic place to spend your youth. Some of Sweden’s top colleges that accept scholarships without IELTS include:

  • The University of Lund
  • KTH RIT (Royal Institute of Technology)
  • University of Uppsala
  • Gothenburg University

There have been numerous highly welcome efforts launched in Sweden for international communities, some of which are included below:

1. Scholarships at Uppsala University

Uppsala University offers 70 scholarships for Master’s and Bachelor’s studies, respectively.

2. Scholarships at KTH Royal Institute of Technology

KTH offers a variety of scholarships, including the KTH one-year program, which pays the tuition for one year of a master’s degree program. The KTH India Scholarship is intended solely for Indian students. It pays the whole tuition price of the course approved by the student’s results, as well as a monthly stipend.


15. Danish Scholarships Without IELTS

Denmark, like Sweden, has a large number of islands. It includes several quite beneficial scholarship reliefs with numerous leading educational establishments. So, these are the greatest universities in Denmark:

  • University of Copenhagen
  • University of Aarhus
  • Denmark’s Technical University


 Some of the top scholarship programs are:

1. Scholarships from the Danish Government

The Danish government-funded and developed this initiative, which supports master’s, bachelor’s, and Ph.D. degrees.

2. Copenhagen University of Technology

These Danish scholarships cover the cost of tuition. To be eligible, you must meet the following requirements:

  • From EU/EEA member nations
  • Fulbright Scholar from the United States
  • Regarding a bilateral exchange program
  • enrolled at an IT university in 2006 or before


16. British Council Scholarships Without IELTS

Each year, hundreds of British Council Scholarships are offered for overseas students at all degree levels, exchange programs, and fields, with no IELTS exam requirements. The entrance standards for acceptance consideration for these British Scholarships are reduced to a bare minimum.



This brings us to the end of our list of the best scholarship programs in Europe that do not need IELTS. The continent enriches educational opportunities while also broadening its focus on offering financial assistance to third-world countries. Not only are they informative stops, but they also keep you entertained on weekends.


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