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‘That’s what they’ve been missing’: Sky pundit says 26-year-old Man United player is just so ‘underrated’

In the realm of Manchester United’s transfer dynamics, a recent update from renowned transfer expert Fabrizio Romano suggests a mixed scenario for two players: Scott McTominay and Jadon Sancho.

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Starting with McTominay, Romano reveals that despite potential interest, Manchester United is content to retain the Scottish midfielder, especially given Casemiro’s recent injury.

While the club has been open to selling McTominay for the right offer, they are not in a rush to offload him.

West Ham’s unsuccessful bid during the summer, falling short of United’s valuation, exemplifies their commitment to keeping the player.

Romano emphasizes that unless a substantial offer surfaces, McTominay is likely to stay until the end of the season.

Romano provides insights into McTominay’s consistent role in the team’s rotation, his professionalism, and loyalty to the club.

The ongoing situation with Casemiro’s form also strengthens McTominay’s importance in the squad.

Shifting focus to Jadon Sancho, Romano paints a less optimistic picture. He indicates a high probability, around 99%, of Sancho leaving Old Trafford in the upcoming January transfer window.

Despite links with Borussia Dortmund, Romano points out that various factors, including the Champions League standings, may influence decisions.

The expert suggests that clubs are likely to wait before making January transfer window moves, leaving the situation with Sancho complicated.

Romano notes a crucial aspect regarding Sancho’s potential departure—his failure to apologize to Erik ten Hag in the past two months.

The absence of a significant change in this regard has solidified the belief among those close to the player that he will indeed part ways with Manchester United in January.

In summary, while Manchester United appears content to keep McTominay, Sancho’s departure seems highly probable unless unforeseen developments alter the current narrative.

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