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Pogba reaction and Lingard anger – six awful moments missed in Manchester United’s Liverpool humiliation

Following a 5-0 defeat at Old Trafford in October, Liverpool ran out 4-0 winners at Anfield on Tuesday to go to the top of the table and throw more misery on United. Jurgen Klopp’s squad seized the lead in less than five minutes, ripping past the defense on their opening effort before Luis Diaz tapped home.

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Sadio Mane flicked a pass over the top for Mohamed Salah to grasp onto and dispatch before the break, doubling the lead. United showed some resolve after the break and appeared to be on the verge of a comeback, but any thoughts of a comeback were quickly dashed as Mane casually scored a third. Salah scored his second goal late in the game, compounding United’s woes.


Here are six game moments you might have missed.


  1. De Gea vs. Trent

After Diaz scored, Trent Alexander-Arnold came in and wellied the ball back into the net, clipping De Gea on the face in the process. It didn’t sit well with the goalie, who shoved the right-back. Alexander-Arnold pushed back, and the pair stood face-to-face for a time before the referee separated them.


2 – Pogba receives yet another poor welcome.

When Pogba was substituted at Norwich, he was booed off the field, and the same thing happened again at Anfield, except this time he was pulled off after less than 10 minutes due to an injury. As he walked off the pitch, there was minimal appreciation from the visiting crowd and lots of x-rated gestures targeted at the Frenchman.


3 – The half begins late.

The second half began late because referee Martin Atkinson was having technical difficulties with his equipment, which appeared to be his microphone not working properly. He had to leave the field to get it patched, and the delay added to United’s shame.


It took them a few seconds before they decided to imitate Liverpool and pass the ball around to keep warm, but every pass they did make was sarcastically praised by the home crowd, adding insult to injury. Atkinson then reappeared from the tunnel, to what must have been a rare cheer from the audience.


4. Lingard’s rage is number four.

Jesse Lingard couldn’t disguise his annoyance as the majority of United’s team strolled around the pitch with no fight or attitude. Early in the first half, he appeared to snap at attacking teammate Anthony Elanga for being too wide while attempting to launch a counterattack.


Later in the game, Lingard let everyone within hearing distance have it. He closed down Liverpool’s defense and goalie ferociously in an attempt to force a press, but his teammates did not follow him, allowing Liverpool to easily play out from the back.


Lingard was enraged when he realized he was on his own, and it says a lot that the only player to show emotion – aside from an 18-year-old brought on with a few minutes remaining – is one who will leave in the summer when his contract expires.


5 – Early departure

Thousands of Manchester United fans who survived the trip to Merseyside ultimately gave up with roughly 10 minutes remaining, and the exodus actually began when Salah made it four. To properly put salt in the wounds, the home fans chanted “you’re so s*** it’s unbelievable!” throughout the game.


United’s players did not deserve the support they received earlier in the game, and it’s surprising that many more fans did not depart much sooner.


6 – Disturbing statistics

This season, United fell to their main rivals by an aggregate score of 9-0, the largest score differential between the two teams in a single season. The previous high was five. But, perhaps more astonishing, they conceded eight goals in two games against a single opponent for the first time in Premier League history. Before going on to set a new record of nine.


Coupled with an xG of 0.09, only two shots on goal and one on target, the lowest in a game this season, it creates a picture of a level of performance that no description can adequately describe.

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