‘Lukaku is better than you’ – Richarlison explains why he fought Vinicius Jr during training

Everton is a braggart. During a Brazil training session, Neymar and Dani Alves had to separate Richarlison from his teammate, Champions League winner Vinicius Jr.

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Richarlison of Everton and Vinicius Jr of Real Madrid had to be separated after becoming entangled in a dispute.


During a Brazil training session on Saturday, the two players almost collided ahead of their team’s friendly against Japan on Monday. The training ground brawl saw seasoned players Dani Alves and Neymar leap to separate them.


The Paris Saint-Germain star was seen dragging Richarlison by the neck in an attempt to calm things down. It is unclear how the altercation began, but the Everton forward appeared to get in the face of Champions League champion Vinicius Jr, clutching his jersey. Players rushed in, but this just seemed to worsen the situation.


Things eventually calmed down as the couple was carried away in some truly horrible moments. Richarlison is one of the Premier League’s most outspoken players, and the 25-year-old also enjoys winding people up.


It all started when a Twitter account called “Real Talk Manchester City” shared what turned out to be a false rumor. They stated: “So, evidently, Everton fans created a phony company named “Coach Innovations Limited” in order to get a large number of Liverpool fans to Paris for the Champions League final.


“Clearly, the bus driver Richard Allison (Richarlison) did not show up, and they are now likely to miss the final.”


One of the photographs included in the post was a retouched image of Richarlison driving a bus. And the striker must have thought the photograph and narrative so amusing that he tweeted it to his own account after Liverpool missed out on a treble.


Real Talk Manchester City later confirmed that the initial post was a hoax: “I’m sorry to say, fellas, but it appears that we were all duped. It appears that 1) it was not a hoax set up by some Everton fans, and 2) the bus driver’s name is not “Richard Allison.”

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