Lionel Messi scores a record five goals for Argentina in 5-0 win vs. Estonia

Argentina was flooded for the first time in its history. Argentina was awarded a penalty when German Pezzella was fouled inside the penalty area.

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Lionel Messi, who has 82 goals for Argentina, would have scored a penalty if he had gone to the left of the goalkeeper. He could have had a few more assistants, but Joaquin Correa wasted a clear chance in front of goal that would have been offside, and Marcos Acuna squandered a chance to put Argentina up 2-0.

Rodrigo De Paul, who is playing Papu Gomez, will sprint towards Estonia a few minutes before the interval. He would have passed it to Messi, who scored his second goal of the game by putting the ball in the top corner.

Lionel Messi will score two more goals in the second half. Molina can hit his hat trick while playing for a large team, since he falls into Messi’s penalty area and has a great understanding with number 9!.

It wasn’t Lionel Messi’s eight hat tricks with the Argentine national team that scored three goals! Against Switzerland, Brazil, Guatemala, Panama, Ecuador, Haiti, Bolivia, and Estonia, he has now scored hat-tricks.

Messi would have scored four goals out of the three. He’d get his hands on a loose ball and slam it into the penalty area. He outscored his defender and goalkeeper four times to lead Argentina to a 4-0 victory.

However, Lionel Messi was unable to complete the task. Several tries in the penalty area would have spared the goalkeeper, but the ball would have found its way to Messi again. He’ll also score for the Copa America and Finalissima victors, making it 5-0.

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