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Fans think Fernandes is helping Manchester United land ‘Eriksen replacement’


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In a heartening image for Manchester United fans gearing up for the January transfer window, Bruno Fernandes was captured sharing smiles and a handshake with Joao Neves.

Fabrizio Romano’s report indicated that the fellow Portugal international, Joao Neves, is emerging as a prime target for Manchester United.

Romano’s insights, shared on X, highlighted the presence of Manchester United scouts at the Benfica vs Sporting game to closely monitor the 19-year-old Portuguese midfielder born in 2004.

The scouting department is reportedly tracking Neves, and future decisions are contingent upon potential board changes at Manchester United.

Joao Neves is part of a trio of highly-talented young midfielders, alongside Valencia’s Javi Guerra and Royal Antwerp’s Arthur Vermeeren, attracting attention from a United side considering a transition from players like Casemiro and Christian Eriksen.

Often likened to ‘Bruno Fernandes 2.0’ for his silky and stylish playing style, Joao Neves could potentially join forces with Bruno Fernandes at Old Trafford.

The November international break saw the duo spending time together in the Portugal camp, hinting at a promising partnership.

Social media buzzed with excitement as images surfaced of Fernandes warmly greeting Neves, prompting United Peoples TV on X to playfully suggest, “Agent Bruno putting in the work?”

While Neves may not be an identical creator like Bruno, his adeptness in linking midfield and attack, combined with his cultured ball usage and impressive vision, raises anticipation about whether he could be the ideal, long-term replacement for Eriksen.

United fans express their enthusiasm, with one noting, “The reports of Manchester United looking at Joao Neves are very exciting. If it’s true, then he is a great player to look at.”

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