British University of Manchester Scholarships Without IELTS in 2022

Apply for admission to the University of Manchester on fully or partially funded British Scholarships without IELTS in 2022 for the next intake. So, technically, if you have IELTS with the required bands, you are eligible to apply for Manchester University scholarships and admission. However, if you do not have IELTS, you may take any IELTS substitute exam certified by the University of Manchester!

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The University of Manchester is presently accepting applications for fully-funded British scholarships for the academic year 2022-2023. To apply before the deadline, all interested and qualified individuals must review the list of papers and eligibility conditions.


The recipients of these British scholarships will be eligible for a variety of grants, financial coverages, and other extra expenses during their scholastic journey. On the other hand, all international and domestic students studying Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees are eligible to apply for such fantastic scholarships.


It’s no surprise that the United Kingdom has numerous outstanding universities to offer where overseas students can pursue their goals. Among this large list, however, the University of Manchester stands at the top, both globally and locally. According to the QS Rankings of the World’s Best Universities, the University of Manchester is ranked eighth in Europe and sixth in the United Kingdom.


The University of Manchester offers a wide range of degree programs in a variety of subjects to students from over 160 countries. The amazing truth about this university is that approximately 94 percent of students obtained jobs in their respective fields immediately after graduating from here. Additionally, candidates receive continuous support from their motivational staff throughout the course program.


Why University of Manchester 

There is no doubt that studying at such a prestigious institution is a dream come true. Aside from that, there are various more advantages that can entice any passionate student to pursue further education at this university, particularly through a fully/partially financed scholarship program. Some of these compelling arguments are presented below;

  • You will be exposed to a variety of cultures while studying here.

  • Staff members are encouraged and supported.

  • Various degree programs are available (Undergraduate, Graduate, Postgraduate, and Research programs)

  • A secure and welcoming environment.

  • Scholarships, bursaries, and grants are quite valuable.

  • Several facilities, services, and libraries are available.

  • There are about 500,000 alumni from 200 countries.

  • Opportunities for Networking

  • It would not be incorrect to state that attending this university is a sure path to a bright career and future.


Scholarships Available at the University of Manchester in 2022:

That prestigious university provides numerous scholarships to both domestic and international students. This article will go through all of the substantial scholarships that are available for Undergraduate, Graduate, and Postgraduate studies in detail. So, stay tuned to learn more about all of these activities.

1. Undergraduate Access Scholarships:


Students who have completed the Manchester Access Program and are now enrolled in an undergraduate course at the University of Manchester are encouraged to apply for this award. The winners will get £1,000 per year until the course is completed. To be eligible, candidates must be enrolled in the above-mentioned degree program and be under the age of 25.

2. Merit & Equity Scholarships:


This scholarship is open to all potential candidates who can make a good difference in their native countries. It is critical to understand that it is only offered to students who cannot afford education in Manchester and are enrolled in the Master’s degree. There are two types of such scholarships: full-time, which lasts one year at the university, and part-time, which lasts three to four years. Students who obtain this scholarship will be able to fund their tuition, air tickets, visa costs, and other living expenses.

3. Manchester Marshall Scholarships:


This award is offered to Masters and Ph.D. students. The scholarship will last for two to three years, till the end of the degree. All overseas students can take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to study at the University of Manchester through this scholarship program. In the meanwhile, this scholarship will cover travel, thesis, tuition, and book expenses.

4. Global Future Scholarships:


This grant is available to international students who wish to pursue undergraduate and master’s degrees in the United States. The academic performance of the students, as well as the integrity of the scholarship application, will determine their chances of getting the award. The winners will receive a reward of £5,000 to £6,000, as well as a tuition price reduction. Candidates must, however, be citizens of a few select countries in order to be eligible for this fellowship.

5. Manchester International Excellence Scholarships:


This award is available to students who are self-funding an Undergraduate course at this university. This scholarship is awarded to 30 eligible candidates each year, with a prize of £3,000 in the first year of studies and £1,000 until the program ends.

Candidates must be self-funded and from Africa, Southeast Asia, or South Asia, with a minimum academic score of 60%. There is no need to apply for this scholarship separately at Manchester University.

6. British Council Scholarships for Women in STEM:


The University of Manchester has established this scheme for women from Nepal, India, and Pakistan in collaboration with the British Council. These ladies can make use of the scholarship’s various benefits, such as visa, health, and tuition cost coverage while pursuing their Master’s degree here.

7. GREAT Scholarships:


This fellowship has been announced jointly by the University of Manchester and the United Kingdom government. Students who wish to pursue a postgraduate degree in the United Kingdom can apply for this supported scholarship. Students pursuing a Master’s degree will be awarded £10,000 in prize money.

8. Manchester Humanities International Excellence Scholarships:

This grant is open to all suitable students pursuing postgraduate studies in the field of humanities. Candidates must be self-funded and from one of the nations on the list in order to meet the eligibility requirements. It, too, does not require separate scholarship applications, as do other scholarships.

9. Engineering the Future Scholarships:


It is another excellent scholarship program provided by the University of Manchester for students beginning their Postgraduate studies here. Manchester University scholarships will be fully or partially financed for candidates. Meanwhile, winners will receive tuition price waivers of up to £6,000, £10,000, and £28,000 from Manchester University’s admission office.


University of Manchester IELTS Requirement: Optional

The courses of the University of Manchester are taught in English. As a result, applicants for admission must give confirmation of their command of the English language. Manchester accepts IELTS, but if you don’t have it, you can apply for admission using any of the IELTS alternative examinations.

Manchester University accepts the following IELTS alternative exams:

The University of Manchester accepts UKVI-approved alternative IELTS tests such as;

  • Trinity College London Integrated Skills exams 
  • Trinity College London Integrated Skills exams 
  • ESOL Language Cert International
  • Cambridge Proficiency CPE/C2
  • TOEFL 
  • Indian Standard XII English 
  • West African Education Council (WAEC) Senior School Certificate (SSCE) 
  • Hong Kong HKDSE/HKCEE 
  • PTE | Pearson PTE Academic Test

Candidates with non-native English can, however, exhibit Language Proficiency Certificates from previous universities. English Language Qualifications, such as the Norwegian Vitnemal or the Hong Kong O-level, are also eligible to meet language competency criteria.


The University of Manchester has a 56.1 percent acceptance rate.
This institution has a 56.1 percent acceptance rate. Admission is not as simple as it appears. Students must strive extra hard to gain admittance to this prestigious college.

The University of Manchester charges a £60 application fee.
The candidates’ applications will not be evaluated unless they pay a £60 entrance application fee. Meanwhile, it is critical to understand that this is a non-refundable payment.


Funding Package of University of Manchester Scholarships

  • Students who win one of Manchester University’s scholarships will be able to obtain all or any of the following academic support grants:
  • Tuition costs at Manchester University are discounted or waived in part or entirely.
  • Scholarship recipients may be eligible for residence in Manchester or a housing allowance.
  • Fixed cash prizes or stipends paid on a monthly basis
  • Coverage for student health insurance or access to a first-aid facility
  • Access to the Manchester University Library
  • Manchester supervisors have granted funding for experiments.
  • Logistics funding is contingent on the type of scholarship.
  • Extracurricular activity funding is contingent on scholarship kind.



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