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BREAKING – FIFA considering new ‘mercy rule’ after Man Utd’s 7-0 loss to Liverpool

Pierluigi Collina, Fifa’s referees chief, questioned Andy Madley’s decision to simply add three minutes of injury time during the blowout at Anfield. Nonetheless, he later admitted that FIFA may implement a “mercy rule” in such cases.

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Although six goals and ten substitutes, Madley added only three minutes to the end of Liverpool’s massive triumph.

FIFA is pushing for more stoppage time, as seen during the World Cup. Unfortunately, the Premier League has yet to implement this.

Collina: The referee used “common sense” to assist Manchester United.

And Collina feels referees used ‘common sense’ to assist Manchester United and West Ham United last weekend.

“Last weekend, ten Premier League matches were played, and four of them lasted more than 100 minutes,” Collina remarked.

“Two of them should have been greater than this just because they were 7-0 and 4-0 [Brighton v West Ham United] and the referee presumably decided not to evaluate the additional time be given appropriately.

“At Anfield, six goals were scored in the second half. Giving quite a significant amount of additional time when the score is 7-0 is tough to understand in this specific match. However, if the competition rules state that the total goal difference is essential for ranking, even one goal scored or not scored can make a difference.”

FIFA is considering enacting a “mercy rule.”

Instead of using ‘common sense’ in these cases, Collina believes a mercy rule’ may be introduced.

“Maybe in the future, we may consider saying that additional time must not be allowed at the end of the match if the disparity between the two sides is greater than X goals,” Collina continued.

“Now it’s common sense — but common sense isn’t common sense if it affects someone. Spain was leading Costa Rica 6-0 in the World Cup, and eight minutes of extra time were granted.

“In extra time, Spain scored one [more] goal [to make it 7-0], and that goal could have cost Spain or Costa Rica qualification for the next stage of the competition.”

Gianni Infantino, FIFA’s president, reportedly hinted that leagues would be inspected to verify they were adopting FIFA’s time-keeping system. It means that similar to the World Cup, Premier League matches could stretch longer than 100 minutes next season.

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