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“Although we won but Anthony Tay…” Arteta identifies five big officiating mistakes as He condense VAR decisions on ARSMUN match.

Mikel Arteta Reflects on Arsenal’s Thrilling Victory Over Man Utd:

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Mikel Arteta showered praise on Arsenal’s unyielding “desire for victory” as they delivered an unforgettable late-game spectacle against Manchester United that will be etched in his memory for years to come.

In a roller-coaster match filled with suspense, Declan Rice and Gabriel Jesus netted stoppage-time goals, propelling Arsenal to a historic 3-1 triumph over United. The contest reached its crescendo when Alejandro Garnacho appeared to snatch victory for United in the dying moments, only to have his celebration halted by a razor-thin VAR offside decision. Arsenal then unleashed bedlam, finding the back of the net in the 96th and 101st minutes.

Arteta shared his thoughts, saying, “We all invested immense effort and meticulously planned for moments like these. These moments will forever resonate with us, especially when our passionate fans are so deeply connected to the team, considering the rich history of these matches. It’s truly remarkable.”

He continued, “The tenacity, the unyielding spirit of this team, their relentless pursuit of victory – I couldn’t be prouder of them. Winning football matches requires a versatile arsenal of skills and the ability to respond to challenges. We demonstrated that in the first half, setting the tone and instilling composure within the team.”

Rice, who scored his first goal for Arsenal since his record-breaking £105 million transfer from West Ham, received accolades from his manager for his stellar performance.

Arteta commended him, saying, “Declan Rice delivered a stellar performance. As a defensive midfielder, his role is to dominate the field, break up plays, and he did just that. But then, he conjured up a moment of magic to secure our victory. That kind of quality and composure is indispensable.”

He added, “He’s not only a talented player but also a fantastic individual. He strikes a perfect balance between holding everyone, including himself, to high standards and injecting a sense of camaraderie among the squad.”

“When you witness the level of technical skill he possesses and how he shines in critical moments—shooting from range with both feet and impeccable timing in his runs—the sky’s the limit for his goal-scoring potential.”

Arteta’s Heartwarming Analogy to Boost Havertz’s Confidence:

Arsenal believed they had a golden opportunity to take the lead when Kai Havertz was brought down in the penalty area, resulting in a penalty being awarded. However, the decision was overturned, adding to Havertz’s frustration in an Arsenal jersey, as he also missed a significant chance in the first half.

Arteta remains confident in Havertz’s ability to thrive at the club, drawing a heartfelt comparison to his own experiences in pursuing his wife during their early courtship.

He shared, “I had a conversation with him yesterday. I told him that beginnings are always tough. When I met my wife, it was a challenge to win her over. I had to keep trying, sending messages, persisting. And in the end, when she said ‘yes, we can be together,’ it was a beautiful moment.”

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