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All Man United fan all say the same thing as latest Greenwood announcement following his addition to EPL squad

Manchester United fan are happy to welcome Mason Greenwood back to the team after month of absence from football

Manchester United star Mason Greenwood was suspended from all football activities following his involvement in a sexual scandal with his Girlfriend.

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But the England international has been added to the Manchester United U21 squad that will be featuring in this season’s EPL campaign.

Manchester United have confirmed their Premier League squad of 25 players for the 2022-23 season, as well as their official Under 21 team. Many spectators were surprised to see Mason Greenwood included in the documents, and many were outraged enough to express their displeasure on social media.

His inclusion was interpreted by some as an indication that the club may shortly activate the indefinitely suspended forward. They are incorrect, and there is no reason to assume Mason Greenwood will play for the club anytime soon. Greenwood’s standing with the club has not altered; he is still a Manchester United employee.


Just as he has been since charges of rape, violence, and death threats first surfaced in January. They cannot cancel the player’s contract without cause, and they must wait until he is convicted, if at all. His official page on the United website is still up and running, as it has been for the entire time. The same goes for his social media platforms.


He is on the U21 team, not the senior team because he is under 21. He is also an English international and hence does not need to be registered. So, in essence, he isn’t really, really, truly on the squad roster. More crucially, nothing has changed in Mason Greenwood’s criminal position; he is still out on bail, awaiting his next court date.

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