10 biggest clubs in the world according to AI with Arsenal snubbed

Determining the biggest clubs in world football is a subject of ongoing debate.

Determining the biggest clubs in world football is a subject of ongoing debate. Different criteria and opinions can lead to varying conclusions. Here’s how Chat GPT ranks the top 10 biggest football clubs in history:

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1. Real Madrid: Boasting numerous La Liga and a record 14 Champions League titles, Real Madrid is widely considered one of the biggest clubs globally.

2. Barcelona: As arch-enemies of Real Madrid, Barcelona is a football giant with a wealth of Champions League and La Liga titles, along with a vast global fanbase.

3. Manchester United: Dominating English football history, Manchester United has a global following and has produced legendary talents from their academy.

4. Bayern Munich: With 33 league titles and six Champions League victories, Bayern Munich has been a dominant force in German football for decades.

5. Liverpool: Liverpool holds the record for the most European titles among English clubs and has a rich history with legendary managers and players.

6. AC Milan: AC Milan ranks as the highest Italian club on this list, with six Champions League titles and a storied rivalry with Inter.

7. Juventus: Juventus, the second Italian club featured, has enjoyed recent Serie A dominance, winning nine consecutive league titles.

8. Manchester City: Despite recent success fueled by financial backing, Manchester City’s achievements, including Premier League titles and the current Champions League win, earn them a spot.

9. Paris Saint-Germain: PSG, backed by wealth, has dominated domestic competitions but lacks a Champions League title, impacting its ranking.

10. Chelsea: Chelsea’s two Champions League triumphs and Premier League titles establish them as one of London’s biggest clubs.

It’s important to note that this list can change over time due to clubs’ evolving fortunes and global profiles. Many historically significant and successful clubs worldwide may also be considered among the biggest based on different evaluation criteria.

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