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(Video) talkSPORT pundit fires back at Roy Keane after Virgil van Dijk’s ‘arrogance’ accusation

In response to Roy Keane’s criticism of Virgil van Dijk’s comments following Liverpool’s 0-0 draw with Manchester United, Simon Jordan defended the Reds’ captain on talkSPORT.

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Keane accused Van Dijk of ‘arrogance’ for suggesting that Liverpool was the ‘only’ team ‘trying to win’ at Anfield.

Jordan argued that Van Dijk’s comments were justified, and Keane’s response was likely influenced by his allegiance to Manchester United.

Jordan expressed his perspective, stating, “Keane has bitten back because he’s a United person, a United fan.

He’s watching Liverpool and their position in the world against Man United’s position in the world and he’s given it back.”

He disagreed with the characterization of Van Dijk’s statement as arrogant, considering it a fair observation.

According to Jordan, Liverpool aimed to win, while United played not to lose, highlighting a distinction between the two approaches.

Refuting the claim of arrogance, Jordan emphasized that Van Dijk’s statement reflected a factual observation rather than an arrogant attitude.

Van Dijk’s composed response to Keane’s accusation suggested a reluctance to engage in a war of words with the former United captain.

From a neutral standpoint, the match at Anfield indicated that Liverpool demonstrated more attacking intent than United.

Despite this, Liverpool’s inability to capitalize on opportunities in the final third prevented them from securing a comfortable victory.

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