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Not Solskjaer: ‘ Ten Hag SACK notice’ – Man Utd legend got “slap in the face” after applying for manager job at his old club

Dwight Yorke, a former Manchester United star, has candidly shared his managerial struggles, disclosing his unsuccessful attempt to secure the manager’s position at his former club, Sunderland.

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In 2022, when Alex Neil left Sunderland to join Stoke City, Yorke, who spent the final years of his playing career with the Black Cats, applied for the managerial role.

However, he was met with silence and received no response from the club. Reflecting on this, Yorke expressed his disappointment, describing the lack of acknowledgment as “a bit of a slap in the face.”

Addressing his aspirations for the Sunderland job, Yorke stated to AltIndex, “I have tried applying for the Sunderland job before, and I’d love to have that opportunity, but I’m not sure if they’d give me a chance.”

Recalling his previous attempt, he mentioned, “I applied before Tony Mowbray joined, but I didn’t get an answer or acknowledgment. It’s a bit of a slap in the face to not even hear back.”

Despite the setback, Yorke expressed openness to the possibility, noting, “If they were to ask me to put a CV in, it could be worth a chance. I might do that now that you’ve reminded me.”

He also lamented the shift in the landscape of managerial appointments, where experience often seems to outweigh the potential of those seeking opportunities.

Yorke, who briefly served as an assistant at Sunderland and had a managerial stint at Australian club Macarthur, emphasized the challenges he faces: “It feels like I’m being told that I can’t do that as a manager.

I’m not sure what happened to the underdog getting a break.” He questioned the emphasis on extensive experience as a prerequisite for managerial roles, contrasting it with his own journey from the Caribbean to Manchester United as a player.

Expressing frustration with the current state of managerial appointments, Yorke commented on the disparities, saying, “I look at a lot of managers in the Championship or League One, and I’ve never heard of them before. It makes me wonder how that’s possible.”

Despite the hurdles, Yorke remains resilient, acknowledging that success in football is hard-earned, and he believes his chance will come with perseverance and dedicated effort.

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