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Messi or Ronaldo? Piers Morgan ranks the four best players in history

Despite Argentina's World Cup semi-final victory against Croatia, Piers Morgan believes Lionel Messi is only the fourth-best player in history.


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Argentina advanced to the World Cup final with a 3-0 victory, with Messi scoring his fifth goal of the tournament and providing a fantastic assist.

Morgan, on the other hand, is a huge Cristiano Ronaldo supporter.

The TV personality recently had a notorious interview with Ronaldo, which shook the world. The Portuguese star left Manchester United after criticizing the club and its manager, Erik ten Hag.

And, whilst Ronaldo’s World Cup career ended in tears and a cameo for Portugal, Messi has nearly single-handedly propelled Argentina to the final with a succession of magnificent displays.

Many football enthusiasts believe that this tournament has settled the GOAT debate in Messi’s favor.

Who is the best footballer of all time?
Morgan, on the other hand, remains steadfast.

During Messi’s masterclass against Croatia, Morgan was inundated with comments wondering if he is still on Team Ronaldo.

“Does the discussion continue? “I’m requesting a goat,” Lineker tweeted.

“No, there isn’t. “Hi, it’s Ronaldo,” Morgan replied.

Then there was Jeff Stelling, who asked, “So, where are we today, @piersmorgan, in the Ronaldo v Messi debate?”

It prompted Morgan to tweet his list of the four greatest football players of all time, with Messi ranking fourth.

No prizes for guessing who was ranked first…

“I think Cristiano Ronaldo is the best ever, Maradona is second, and Messi is third (maybe fourth, behind R9),” Morgan remarked.

Morgan: Messi isn’t the GOAT after just one World Cup.
Morgan reiterated his point of view on talkSPORT on Wednesday morning.

“Against Croatia, I thought Messi was simply amazing,” Morgan said. He is one of the greatest players in the history of the game. But the question is, is he the greatest?

“On that, I will always mount a passionate and forensic defense of Ronaldo. I believe he is deserving of the title.

“One World Cup does not constitute a GOAT. Messi has yet to win it!

“When comparing the stats of Ronaldo and Messi, keep in mind that Ronaldo is two years older.

“It’s also crucial to remember that, unlike Messi who stayed in his Barcelona comfort blanket for 17 years, Ronaldo has won league titles in four different nations, including the three most competitive leagues in the world.

“He’s taken himself out of comfort zones – he could have stayed at Real Madrid for most of his career if he wanted to, but he’s actively taken himself into new leagues and new difficulties.

“Whereas Messi, he’s only ever done it for Barcelona, and they’re all around him, the entire time was the world’s top players. Ronaldo has frequently had to lead that line almost entirely on his own.”

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