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” lying and legless…” – Harry Kane sends five-word warning message to Man Utd fans ahead of Champions League clash

Harry Kane’s recent comments about his move from Tottenham to Bayern Munich have come under scrutiny by a body language expert who suggests that Kane may not have been entirely truthful in his statements. According to Darren Stanton, a leading body language expert, Kane’s demeanor during a press conference indicates that he may have preferred a move to Manchester United.

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In his press conference, Kane acknowledged interest from “a few clubs” but emphasized his excitement about joining Bayern once they entered the picture. He also mentioned Manchester United, describing them as a “great club” but expressing his happiness with his decision to join Bayern.

Stanton, however, believes that Kane’s body language tells a different story. He notes that Kane’s left shoulder movement during discussions about other clubs suggests a lack of sincerity. This half-hearted shoulder shrug, according to Stanton, is a red flag indicating that Kane might not be entirely content with his choice.

Additionally, Stanton points out that when people start a sentence with “to be honest with you,” it often precedes a lie. Kane used this phrase before discussing his summer options, raising doubts about the veracity of his statements. Stanton also highlights Kane’s use of distancing language to dissociate himself from the Tottenham-Bayern Munich deal and his non-verbal signals, such as shaking his head while affirming his happiness, as signs of deception.

Throughout the press conference, Kane’s body language displays negative emotions, including anger and frustration. Stanton observes furrows on his forehead and moments when Kane’s eyes show signs of irritation. Kane even briefly closes his eyes during discussions about the decisions made, which Stanton interprets as cognitive overload and a sign that Kane may be uncomfortable with perpetuating a false narrative.

In summary, the body language expert suggests that Kane’s non-verbal cues and choice of language indicate that he may have had a preference for Manchester United despite his public statements about being happy with his move to Bayern Munich.

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