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Latest – Man Utd takeover bidder slams Glazers for ‘farce’ and pulls out of third round of offers

One Man United takeover candidate has slammed the Glazers over the takeover process.


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Thomas Zilliacus, a Manchester United takeover candidate, has withdrawn his speculative bid ahead of a third round of bidding. The Finnish billionaire has criticized the Glazers for creating a “farce,” with the process poised to continue.

Zilliacus revealed in a series of tweets that he had ‘declined’ to participate in the next round. The 69-year-old said he was ready to make a deal to buy the Premier League club with fellow suitors Jim Ratcliffe and Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al-Thani.

By extending the bidding to a third round, Zilliacus accused the present owners of staging a “farce.” He claimed that the Glazers, whose fortune is estimated to be over £6 billion, were merely out to maximise profit’.

“I have declined to participate in a third bidding round for United,” he stated. The auction is devolving into a farce, with Glazers showing little regard for the club. The delays will make it extremely difficult for any new owner to assemble a winning club for the upcoming season.

“Jim Ratcliffe, Sheikh Jassim, and I were all prepared to negotiate a deal to purchase United.” Glazers, on the other hand, elected to begin a new round. I will not take part in a charade designed to maximize profit for the vendors at the expense of Manchester United.”

On Thursday morning, he tweeted again, saying, “I hope whoever buys United understands how to engage fans.” My company has developed services for another top football club that generates $400 USD (£319.95) per year each participating fan. In 2022, United’s total income was 709 million USD (£567 million). That figure can be doubled.”

Zilliacus is the founder and chairman of the investment firm Mobile FutureWorks, although his net worth is unknown to the public. He had been a vocal opponent of the Glazers since the beginning of the process when he submitted his proposal.

In March, Zilliacus urged all three parties to combine their bids, arguing that a bidding war would only benefit the Glazers. The Helsinki-born businessman tried to reach out to British billionaire Ratcliffe and the Qatari officials running Sheikh Jassim’s bid to get them to come together a form one huge offer.

He argued that the billions of pounds they could put together would be enough to buy out the Glazers and then leave plenty aside for spending on club infrastructure and the local community.

In March, Zilliacus told the Sun, “A bidding war benefits nobody except the Glazers.” “I have reached out to both Sheikh Jassim and Sir Jim in an attempt to join forces and am awaiting a response.”

“I would have the capital to take over the club myself but I am not in this for an ego trip. I strongly believe that this way we can agree on a sensible price, as I believe £ 6 billion is too high.

“Then the extra billions each of us would have spent on a single bid can be used to invest in the club. From the club and fans’ perspective, it would be far better to have three dedicated owners with strong financial backing develop the club.”


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