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‘I phoned but’… Former England star now admits he tried to sign for Liverpool before joining Manchester United

Michael Owen’s Revelation: The Twist of Fate Before Joining Manchester United

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In a recent revelation, former England icon Michael Owen shared a fascinating anecdote about his attempt to re-sign with Liverpool before eventually joining Manchester United in 2009.

Speaking on ‘Up Front with Simon Jordan,’ Owen recounted the intricate details of the situation, shedding light on the unexpected turns in his career.

Upon departing Newcastle United, Owen found himself at a crossroads, reaching out to Liverpool to explore the possibility of a return.

However, Liverpool, at that time, was on the brink of signing David N’Gog, and Jamie Carragher conveyed that they didn’t require Owen’s services.

Undeterred, Owen acknowledged the reality of Liverpool’s trajectory with players like Torres and Suarez and expressed no resentment. Yet, he emphasized his initial inclination to return to the club he once represented.

Facing Liverpool’s rejection, Owen found himself considering three Premier League options: Hull City, Everton, and Manchester United.

He deliberated on the choices, considering his preference to avoid a relegation battle with Hull City. The prospect of joining Everton, his boyhood club, seemed plausible.

Owen narrated his visit to the United States to meet Everton’s manager David Moyes, showcasing his willingness to join the Toffees.

However, fate took an unexpected turn when Nicky Butt informed him that Sir Alex Ferguson, the manager of Manchester United, intended to contact him.

Amid the dilemma and the potential backlash from Liverpool fans, Owen received a call from Sir Alex Ferguson, sealing his move to Manchester United.

Despite the anticipated disapproval from Liverpool supporters, Owen found himself navigating a unique path in his football journey.

This revelation provides insights into the intricate decisions and twists of fate that shaped Michael Owen’s career, offering a perspective from a player who embarked on a distinctive trajectory.

As Owen becomes a part of Liverpool’s historical narrative, the football world continues to witness the unpredictable nature of player transitions and the stories that unfold.

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