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‘I am the GOAT but…’ – Cristiano Ronaldo’s furious reaction to ‘lies’ after Lionel Messi’s Ballon d’Or win

The upcoming Ballon d’Or ceremony is expected to crown Lionel Messi with his eighth coveted title, which would undoubtedly make his eternal rival Cristiano Ronaldo, who currently holds five, a bit uneasy.

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Ronaldo’s frustration with the Ballon d’Or reached its peak in 2021 when Messi claimed the prestigious award.

As anticipation builds for Messi’s potential eighth win on October 30, Ronaldo, who remains at five Ballon d’Or awards, is poised to see the gap between him and his long-standing rival widen.

This expectation follows a recent report suggesting Messi would secure the 2023 Ballon d’Or after his remarkable World Cup victory with Argentina.

The last time Messi, aged 36, clinched the iconic golden ball was two years ago, in a decision that caused quite a stir, notably defeating Polish striker Robert Lewandowski.

On that night, Ronaldo took to social media to vent his frustrations after Ballon d’Or organizer Pascal Ferre made a controversial statement, alleging that Ronaldo’s sole career ambition was to surpass Messi’s tally of Ballons d’Or.

Ferre, who serves as the editor-in-chief of France Football, the magazine that presents the Ballon d’Or, remarked to the New York Times, “Ronaldo has only one ambition, and that is to retire with more Ballons d’Or than Messi, and I know that because he has told me.”

Ronaldo vehemently rebuked Ferre’s comments, accusing him of falsehood and underscoring his dedication to sportsmanship.

He took to Instagram to voice his discontent, stating: “The events of today underscore the reason behind Pascal Ferre’s statements last week, where he claimed that I confided in him that my sole ambition was to conclude my career with more Golden Balls than Lionel Messi.

“Pascal Ferre lied, using my name to promote himself and the publication he represents.

It is unacceptable for the individual responsible for bestowing such a prestigious award to engage in such dishonesty, showing absolute disrespect to someone who has consistently shown respect to France Football and the Ballon d’Or.

“Moreover, he repeated the lie today, citing an alleged, baseless quarantine as the reason for my absence from the Gala.

I always extend congratulations to the deserving winners, embracing the sportsmanship and fair-play values that have guided my career from its inception. I do so because I am never in competition against anyone.

“My victories are for myself and the clubs I represent; they are for those who love me. I do not triumph over others.

The primary aspiration of my career is to secure national and international titles for the clubs I represent and for my national team.

“The utmost ambition of my career is to serve as a role model for all aspiring or professional footballers. My ultimate goal is to etch my name in the annals of world football’s rich history.

“I conclude by emphasizing that my focus is already set on Manchester United’s upcoming match and everything we can achieve together with my teammates and our fans this season. The rest? Well, the rest is just that…the rest.”

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