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BREAKING – Man Utd winger Alejandro Garnacho faces ban over deleted Andre Onana post

In a dramatic turn of events, the spotlight recently fell on Garnacho, the young talent from Manchester United.

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His penalty save in injury time during a crucial match against FC Copenhagen in the Champions League on Tuesday proved to be a game-changer, securing a vital 1-0 victory for Erik ten Hag’s team.

To acknowledge Onana’s heroics, several United players took to social media to pay their respects. However, the 19-year-old Garnacho found himself in hot water when he posted on X, but then swiftly deleted his message.

What caused the uproar? It was the inclusion of two gorilla emojis alongside a picture of himself celebrating with the goalkeeper.

Initially, Garnacho made a hasty edit to the original post by removing the two gorilla emojis, leaving the image intact on his timeline.

However, he eventually deleted the entire post. This controversial social media activity, which occurred just past midnight in the UK, was visible on X for approximately 15 minutes before its removal.

Now, Garnacho could be in for some serious trouble, as his post is likely to be categorized as an ‘aggravated breach’ of the Football Association’s rules regarding social media behavior.

The stakes are high, and this situation bears a striking resemblance to a past incident involving Edinson Cavani in 2020. Cavani, who was playing for Manchester United at the time, received a three-match ban and a £100,000 fine from the FA.

This punishment followed a public reply to a friend’s message on Instagram in which he used the Spanish term ‘negrito,’ which translates to ‘black.’ Upon realizing the connotations, Cavani promptly deleted the post and issued an apology. The next day, he released a statement affirming his strong stance against racism.

The FA also required him to undergo a training course as part of his penalty.

In a similar vein, Silva entered the social media controversy fray by posting an image of Mendy as a child alongside a cartoon character that serves as the symbol for the Spanish chocolate brand Conguitos.

Silva, however, swiftly deleted the post less than an hour after publication and then took to Twitter with the words: “Can’t even joke with a friend these days.” The incident exemplifies the ongoing scrutiny surrounding social media actions and the potential repercussions for even seemingly innocuous posts.

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