BREAKING – Man United reach interview stage after pressing ahead with new hire


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According to The Athletic’s David Ornstein, United has realized that Murtough’s job as football director is too much for the 49-year-old. Murtaugh requires assistance, and the club is already compiling a shortlist of applicants.


Murtaugh, who was previously the club’s head of football development, was appointed football director at Old Trafford last year.


Former midfielder Darren Fletcher was also promoted to the job of technical director.


The new individual will report to Murtough, who was brought in by David Moyes in November 2013 and will help reduce the burden on Murtaugh.


United are frantically seeking to overhaul their staffing behind the scenes, and the new man will assist them in doing so.


According to the article, “the recruitment process is already thought to be at the interview stage.”


Dan Ashworth is one player who could have been on United’s radar.


Ashworth, a former FA executive, has quit Brighton’s director of football to take up a similar post at Newcastle.


Of course, Murtough ultimately reports to new CEO Richard Arnold, who replaced Ed Woodward at the beginning of the month.


And Gary Neville believes Arnold must encourage a cultural revolution at the club.


Neville concentrates on the dressing room.

“All the managers have said the same thing, haven’t they?” Neville told Sky Sports. I suppose, in some aspects, that the dressing room was not wonderful when they arrived, and they wanted to get rid of players and personnel.


“It has occurred. We’ve seen David Moyes do it. We saw Louis van Gaal achieve it by bringing in all of his own staff. And we’ve already seen Jose Mourinho do it. We saw it happen with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Ralf Rangnick is the latest to do so.


“There has been no consistency in that plan; there has been a dramatic shift every single time.”


“Manchester United now has a new CEO.” But he’s only been putting his feet under the table for three or four weeks. There is an element of certainly allowing Richard Arnold time to examine the situation – but things move quickly at Manchester United; there is a lot going on all the time.


“Sometimes it’s a matter of slowing down and taking a step back.” And not getting bogged down in the weeds and micro-details of what is going on.


Neville believes that a cultural revolution is required.

“What is the strategy?” What is the club’s strategy? Where will the club be going? Where do you want it to be in three years? And where do you want it to be in five years?


“On the field and, more significantly, off the field.” How will the club represent itself and do the right thing? How are they going to ensure that if the power goes out during halftime, the message that the food is free is broadcast immediately rather than waiting until the end of the game?


“They are extremely significant because they are about culture, how you think, and how you conduct.” Your instinct has to be in the club right away.


“That is something that has to alter since Ed Woodward was there for eight, nine, or ten years.” Now that Richard Arnold has taken power, the two characters are diametrically opposed. Richard should be given a certain period of time, in my opinion. Two or three years — to be able to create a club in his own image.


“But I also believe it is critical that they appoint a sporting director and a new manager in the summer, which will happen.” They are crucial appointments since they will set the tone for how the club will operate in the coming years.”

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