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Ben Foster says Manchester United’s new signing is ‘ridiculous’ and world goalkeepers are afraid of his shooting

Former Manchester United goalkeeper Ben Foster recently praised the current striker, Rasmus Hojlund, shedding light on the Dane’s potential and areas of improvement.

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United made a significant investment in Hojlund during the summer, envisioning him as a future leading striker in global football.

While his introduction to Old Trafford has been challenging, the 20-year-old has shown promise, notably scoring seven goals, including a standout performance against Tottenham.

Rio Ferdinand raised concerns about Hojlund being overplayed, but the striker’s recent thumping goal has sparked positive discussions.

Ben Foster, speaking on his YouTube channel, emphasized the key to maximizing Hojlund’s abilities lies in his shooting prowess.

Foster remarked, “The goal that he scored…that’s how he’s going to do the best for Manchester United. Get the ball out of his feet and get the shot off.

When he gets the ball out of his feet and on his left foot, and unleashes one, any goalkeeper in the world is thinking ‘please don’t shoot’. It was ridiculous.”

However, Foster highlighted the need for improved service to Hojlund, as the striker has faced challenges with poor delivery into the box. Even in the goal against Tottenham, it came from Hojlund seizing a loose ball rather than a crafted pass.

Addressing this issue, the suggestion is that Manchester United might lack the current personnel to fully unlock Hojlund’s potential and create ample chances for him from wider positions.

The prospect of signing new creative players in the summer, along with another striker to share the load, has been mentioned.

Reports even suggest that United is exploring options to bring in another striker to complement Hojlund. Despite the challenges, there is optimism about Hojlund’s continued growth and confidence on the field.

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