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‘Absolute disaster’ – Scholes has no time for current Man Utd star in midfield pairing debate; names Ten Hag signing he’d ‘much prefer’ to partner

Paul Scholes dismissed the idea of a fantasy midfield pairing between him and a current Manchester United player, instead choosing a summer recruit with whom he'd much rather partner.


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Manchester United’s midfield has received a lot of flak in recent years. Fred and Scott McTominay, for example, never fail to give their best, however, questions have been made about whether they are of the caliber required by United.

Last summer, Erik ten Hag made some headway in tackling the issue. Christian Eriksen joined on a free transfer and has continued to play in the double-pivot style he established at Brentford.

Meanwhile, Casemiro has been all United fans could have asked for in the engine room. The Brazilian has been a calming presence in the engine room, laying the groundwork for the more creative players to prosper.

Casemiro’s three criteria before joining Manchester United were recently disclosed. When United learned of his requests, they realized what a tremendous leader they were about to sign.

In terms of the Red Devils’ midfield, Paul Scholes was recently asked whether he’d rather play with Casemiro or Bruno Fernandes in his ideal Man Utd midfield. Both are currently performing admirably for their respective nations in Qatar.

What about Scholes and Bruno? “A complete calamity”
“It’s a simple question because of the style of play,” Scholes told Manchester United’s club media. “I’d much rather play with Casemiro, who I knew could play the position extremely well.”

“He recalls me of [Michael] Carrick, [Nicky] Butt, Roy Keane, and other players of that ilk.”

“I think we’d be all over the place with Bruno, and us two together in midfield would be an incredible nightmare!”

“Both of us would want to be up there, contributing, scoring goals, and trying to win games.” Look, if I had to choose between the two, I’d go with Casemiro.”

The obvious next question was whether he’d rather play with Casemiro or Eriksen. This season, Scholes has been a strong supporter of the Dane while also criticizing United’s reserve choices.

“Again, probably Casemiro,” Scholes responded. “I adore Christian Eriksen; I think he’s brilliant, but he’s a little more like me in that he’s only concerned with the attacking side of things.”

“Look, if I played with Christian or Bruno, it could be 6-6 or 7-6.” Any score is possible. We’d give up a lot of goals, but we might score a couple!

“Just having Casemiro’s additional security. As I have stated, Roy Keane, Nicky Butt, and Michael Carrick are all capable of playing the position excellently, and they are the type of players I love to play alongside.”

Man United support blows Casemiro away
Man of the moment Casemiro admitted to the club’s media in a separate interview that he has been taken aback by Man Utd’s support – both at home and on the road.

When asked how the atmosphere in England compares to that in Spain, notably at the Bernabeu, Casemiro remarked, “Of course, both countries have their good qualities, but one of the things that have impressed me the most over here has been the fans.” The intensity with which they play the game and how they truly live for football.

“How the fans just live off their football on the weekends.” The fans just exude football, and you can tell that football is their passion and their life.

“So it’s not just here at Old Trafford for the home games, but the fans are just incredible away from home as well.”

“The people, the atmosphere, the way the fans rally behind us, it’s just great, and it’s one of the things that has shocked me the most since coming to England.”

“But you couldn’t ask for anything more from our fans, and you have to thank them for the way they support us, which I have never seen before.”

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