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‘You are very lucky’ – Dimitar Berbatov tells Jadon Sancho five ways Sir Alex Ferguson would’ve dealt with him

Jadon Sancho’s Exclusion from First-Team Training, Supported by Berbatov

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Manchester United winger Jadon Sancho has been temporarily removed from first-team training after publicly challenging manager Erik ten Hag.

This decision has received backing from former United striker Dimitar Berbatov, who believes legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson would have made a similar choice.

Sancho’s dispute with Ten Hag emerged following United’s 3-1 defeat to Arsenal, where the manager stated that the winger was left out due to poor training performances.

Sancho disagreed with this assessment in a now-deleted tweet, expressing that he wouldn’t be made a ‘scapegoat.’

On Thursday, it was officially announced that Sancho would undergo individual training for an unspecified period and would not be available for selection. Berbatov supports this decision and believes it aligns with what Sir Alex Ferguson would have done.

“I will not be surprised if Sancho struggles to get game time for United from here,” Berbatov commented to Betfair. “Players sometimes think they are really important, and they can change something when they speak publicly.

“In reality, they only make the situation worse. In this case, I did not like what happened, and Sancho should have gone directly to Erik ten Hag and spoken to him man-to-man.

Things could go either way now. If the manager likes you as a player, even if you make mistakes along the way, it will be easier for him to forgive you, keep you around, and continue to give you another chance.

“If he doesn’t like you, then the situation becomes difficult. You will need to work even harder to get back into the team.

Had Jadon Sancho done this when Sir Alex Ferguson was the manager, then he would have been out, because no one is bigger than the team.

“Ten Hag has shown that he can be strong when he needs to be, like in the case of Ronaldo. This manager stands his ground, he knows what he wants and can sacrifice big stars.

He is not afraid to get his hands dirty in situations like this because he is the manager, the guy in charge, and has the authority.

“Ten Hag has the right to speak about why he made certain decisions. If Sancho did not train well, then that is why he was out of the team.

Sancho should not have gone public on social media and instead should have gone directly to the manager’s office, and said that he was giving everything and would do better next time.

“He should have kept it inside instead of blowing it out of proportion because now we are speaking about this rather than football.”

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