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Video – NO MERCY: Fans mocked Garnacho as He engaged in a brutal fight with Coman after slams Bayern Munich player into advertising hoardings

Tensions flared at Old Trafford as players from Bayern Munich and Manchester United were on the brink of a brawl during their crucial Champions League group-stage match.

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The incident occurred on the 24th minute when Alejandro Garnacho, in an attempt to maneuver past Bayern’s Kingsley Coman, ended up forcefully knocking him into the pitchside hoardings.

The collision led to a heated confrontation between players from both sides, sparked by what was described as a “naughty incident.”

Garnacho found himself entangled with Coman, inadvertently propelling the Bayern player into the boards. Teammates from both teams rushed to the scene, creating a volatile situation.

Despite the intensity of the altercation, the referee allowed the game to continue without stopping play, ensuring that Coman emerged unharmed.

However, opinions on the incident varied, with former Chelsea and Blackburn striker Chris Sutton labeling Garnacho’s actions as “a bit naughty.”

Some viewers echoed Sutton’s sentiments, expressing their views on social media. One fan noted a clear foul by Garnacho on Coman, while another humorously likened the incident to a move from WWE.

Criticism was also directed at the lack of disciplinary action, with observations that Garnacho could have caused harm to Coman without facing consequences.

The dramatic episode added an extra layer of intensity to the match, with fans and pundits alike engaging in discussions over the contentious incident.

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