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“Unbelievable what Onana did” – I watched Andre Onana closely to see if his Man United teammates had lost confidence in him

Manchester United endured a disappointing 1-0 defeat against Newcastle, with a lackluster performance that included a mixed showing from their goalkeeper, Andre Onana.

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Following a Champions League match marred by errors, Paul Scholes expressed concerns about Onana making the defense nervous.

The goalkeeper’s inconsistent performances have become a cause for apprehension among fans.

Onana, signed to enhance United’s ability to play from the back, has shown a paradoxical pattern.

While he has secured five clean sheets in the Premier League, his Champions League performances have been marked by alarming mistakes, deviating from the intended style of play.

Scholes’ criticism focused on the unease Onana instills in the team, emphasizing the need for a goalkeeper who is unfussy and uncomplicated, drawing a comparison with goalkeepers like Nick Pope.

Despite lacking Onana’s confidence with the ball at his feet, Pope’s simplicity and high save percentage provide a sense of assurance.

At Newcastle, Onana had moments of uncertainty, especially during set pieces, where he struggled to command the box.

The crowd’s vocal anticipation of potential mistakes added pressure to his performance.

Despite not being directly at fault for the goal, Onana displayed a mix of confident and nervous moments.

The match highlighted the unpredictability associated with Onana, making it a concerning situation for a goalkeeper.

While he made notable saves, Onana abandoned attempts to play out from the back, resorting to long goal kicks. The team’s distribution suffered, deviating from the intended build-up play.

As the match progressed, Onana’s contributions with his feet became more crucial, with a focus on initiating counter-attacks.

Despite a sloppy touch leading to an out-of-play pass, he showed improvement in this aspect as the game wore on.

In the aftermath of this disappointing defeat, scrutiny is likely to be placed on various aspects, but Onana’s performance, though not stellar, may not be the primary focus.

The goalkeeper dilemma for United remains, with neither Onana nor Altay Bayindir making a compelling case for the role.

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